Former Defense Minister of Ukraine: To Reach the Russian Border Donetsk and Lugansk Must Be Wiped off the Face of the Earth

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former Defense Minister Aleksandr Kuzmuk said that the Ukrainian army has enough forces to reach the border with Russia, but we will be obliged to “wipe from the face of the earth” the cities of Donbass. The former Minister stated this during a broadcast on Ukrainian television.

“When we say that for three years we had the opportunity to rebuild our army, we also gave the possibility to mercenaries [militiamen – ed] to recover, strengthen, and bring order. By the way, they have very good discipline. They don’t wait for courts and sentencing, everything is decided there according to the laws of war.

However, the Ukrainian army, nevertheless, can reach the border with Russia. With our potential we can do it, but we will be obliged to wipe from the face of the earth Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka, and other cities.

There are civilians there, they are our people and they will never go away, because they will not be allowed to do it [by the militia – ed],” said the former head of the Defense Ministry of “independent” Ukraine cynically.

“For them [the militia – ed], the civilian population is a human shield. Imagine trying to storm Donetsk — it’s impossible. I can even here in the studio develop and substantiate a plan for the de-occupation of Donbass, but for the same reasons it’s impossible to implement it,” said Kuzmuk, arguing that “the issue of Russian aggression must be solved according to the policy, through diplomatic means, but relying on military power”.

He, of course, is silent about the fact that the UAF every day shell the civilian towns of Donbass from heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

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