Former DPR Official: Poroshenko’s Plan to Bait LDPR Into Kiev Offensive Failed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Petro Poroshenko didn’t manage to provoke the LDPR army into a counterattack, and now the ruling regime in Kiev will start to have serious troubles. Such a forecast was sounded to Politnavigator by the former head of Ministry of State Security of the DPR Andrey Pinchuk, one of leaders of “The union of volunteers of Donbass”.

“All of this is complete nonsense, that the aggravation at the front is allegedly an initiative of detached voluntary battalions. They can destabilize a situation only on a narrow sector of the front, while shelling was conducted all along the front line – both in the DPR and LPR.

We saw provocations, extermination of civilians, lying brought to the level of state policy — a staged visit of Poroshenko to Germany. It is very difficult in diplomacy to interrupt a one-day visit, but he managed to do it.

If Poroshenko will keep people a little more on the line of demarcation, they will turn around and will go to Kiev. Talk about a third Maidan is held without stop. In situations when support of sponsors is being lost, when the reset of relations between the USA and Russia is being forecasted, as well as a change of leaders in the European Union, Poroshenko is forced to take such steps,” explained the former head of the Ministry of the State Security of the DPR.

“The main task of Poroshenko was to force the militia to go forward – however, at first, it would mean considerable losses of personnel – the Ukrainian side created powerful fortified areas near Avdeevka. And ideally, in this case for Kiev the West’s position could have been tougher – you saw all these statements of McCain about Javelins.

We are provoked into offensive on Kiev. But don’t forget that near Donetsk and Lugansk a 100,000 Ukrainian military group is concentrated. To break through the line of defense, according to military laws, a group is needed that in numbers exceeds the defenders by 3-2.5 times. Therefore here is a case of the price being in the question.

But what is important. Ukraine is now on the verge of the most powerful internal conflict. It has approached a certain point in history after which the processes being close to disintegration are inevitable.

Therefore, why throw firewood in the fire of logic of the opponent?” explained Pinchuk.

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