Former French Prime Minister: A “France-Germany-Russia-China” Alliance Can Become a Pole of Stability

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The policy of the US President Donald Trump should encourage the leading European countries to revise their geopolitical alliances, considers the former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin. In a Sunday interview with the “Journal du Dimanche” newspaper he expressed the opinion that a group of four countries – France, Germany, Russia, and China – can become a pole of stability.

“Trump’s course calls into question fundamental things,” stated the French politician. “We face aggression against the eurozone, the influence of the dollar, our companies have to close their factories in Iran due to American pressure”.

Europe, as Raffarin stated, “after Brexit in going through the internal process of disintegration and faces growing instability in the outside world”. “The transatlantic relationship is weakening,” noted the former French Prime Minister. “This should encourage us to revise our geostrategic alliances in the interests of our own security and peace,” he considers.

In his opinion, “the future of Europe is connected to the creation of a strong European pole in a stable Eurasia”. “This arc of stability must be based on a group of four countries – France, Germany, Russia, and China,” stated the former head of the French government.

A close associate of the former president of France Jacques Chirac, Jean-Pierre Raffarin headed the French government in 2002-2005. During this period Paris resolutely refused to support the US’ military invasion of Iraq (in 2003). Last year Raffarin stopped his powers in the Senate of the French Republic ahead of schedule in order to devote more time to the activity of the “Leaders for Peace” NGO.

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