The Former Governor of Transcarpathia: Ukraine Will Collapse Before Reforms Bear Any Fruit

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The pace at which Ukraine implements reforms will yield fruits only in 40 years, however by then the country could’ve collapsed. This was stated on Thursday by the former governor of the Transcarpathian region Viktor Baloga.

According to him, it was supposed that reforms will lead to an increase in the standard of living, and not vice versa, which has occurred as a result. Today the GDP of Ukraine and the welfare of citizens doesn’t grow – only the mortality rate grows.

“So we will carry out reforms for another ten tears, in order to heal for forty years. In forty years there won’t be anyone to enjoy these benefits. There won’t be a country, the country will have been destroyed,” stressed Baloga on the air of Ukrainian television.

It should be noted that the former governor isn’t the only one to express discontent in connection with the realisation of reforms. The day prior the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that he is extremely dissatisfied with the slow pace of reforms, which the country has to implement at the demand of the European Union. These reforms, which demand the reforming of the judicial, management system, the system of housing and public utilities, and the strengthening of anti-corruption activity, are an indispensable condition of the EU for the European integration of Ukraine and receiving monetary tranches.

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