Former Head of the SBU About the Ukrainian Political System: “It’s All Lies, Everything Is Built on Lies”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The actions of the present Ukrainian government are directed to achieving their own personal goals. This was stated on the air of the “NASH” TV channel on February 12th by the former head of the main investigative department of the Ministry of Defence, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine, and current candidate for president Igor Smeshko.

“Regretfully, we once again ascertain: there is a crisis in the political system of the country. Everything is a lie, everything is built on a lie. If the presidential vertical frankly said: we have no democracy, we have an authoritarian system of governance, via which we take all completeness of authority and are responsible for everything in the country – for all reforms, for insufficient funding, for the tariff policy, for the impoverishment of the population, for having lost even the best of what there was in 1991. The healthcare system, the education system and even Ukrainian culture was at a rather high level in those days,” noted Smeshko.

According to him, the present Ukrainian authorities has the wrong approach to carrying out reforms.

“Nobody ever undertakes reforms and builds a new house until they have destroyed the old one. Initially there is the project of a new building, the delivery of materials and experts who build it, and only then is a move made to live there. But today we don’t have division into three branches of the power. All the power is concentrated in the Administration of the President of Ukraine,” said Smeshko.

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He emphasised that this doesn’t exist either in the Constitution, nor in the legislation concerning the executive branch of power.

“Everyone [in power] violates the legislation! In the West I was constantly asked: what is your government? After all, it is a government of the acting kind. You haven’t appointed ambassadors or ministers in years, they are just ‘acting’, you have a conflict of interests between the position of the president and Prime Minister. The president has law enforcement bodies, and via them he has eyes and ears, i.e., he controls the government from within, but he does not take responsibility for this – formally, in front of the Criminal Code! – for the budget and for property. It is the Prime Minister who is responsible for this. And any Prime Minister, even if they are the best friend of the president, thinks on the second day: well, you placed your people in state administrations, you have law enforcement bodies, but I have the budget, I will try to make my political force and at the next elections I will try to replace you. This tears the country apart from within,” summed up the presidential candidate.

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