Former Head of Ukraine’s Interpol Bureau: Nazis Had No Right to Detain Rafael Lusvarghi in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Militants of the C14 Nazi group had no right to detain the former DPR soldier, the Brazilian citizen Rafael Lusvarghi in Kiev
This was stated by the former head of the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol Kirill Kulikov on his blog.

“‘Detention’ is carried out by a court decision, and only in a limited number of clearcut cases does it happen without one. Respectively, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, ‘nationalists’ aren’t included in the list of authorised officials. And so what then should SBU employees together with ‘nationalists who ‘detained’ the Brazilian’ do – correct, under the law – to detain and file the paperwork, and in the process also to ‘explain the rights of the detainee, in full …’! And now a question: why doesn’t the SBU detain the malicious violators of the law committing one crime after another?” notes Kulikov.

Meanwhile the Brazilian’s lawyer Valentin Rybin reported that as a result of the scandal the court unexpectedly changed the date of the hearing on Lusvarghi’s case.

“As a result of the completely wild and nasty actions on 04.05.18 Rafael Lusvarghi was violently frogmarched from the Embassy of Brazil, with bound hands, and brought to the reception hall of the SBU, and before this he forced to his knees, humiliated, and subjected to violence!!! The preparatory hearing appointed for 06.06.18 was abruptly brought forward by the Pavlograd district court of the Dnepropetrovsk region for 07.05.18,” reported Rybin.

The lawyer once again stated that the former militiaman had the opportunity to come back home on New Year’s Eve as a result of an exchange of prisoners, however the Embassy of Brazil has refused to assist its citizen – moreover, they “leaked” the location of Lusvarghi.

“On 27.12.17 an exchange of captured persons between Ukraine and the LDPR took place, as a result of which Ukrainian military personnel were returned to Ukraine, and Rafael was supposed to receive his passport and leave for his country of nationality (Brazil).

Despite agreements and the captured Ukrainian military personnel returning to Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities didn’t return the passport and travel documents to the Brazilian!

The Embassy of Brazil refused to issue documents to Raphael for his return, to help him to return home, and to simply support him!

My repeated addresses to the Consul of Embassy of Brazil – about the need to return Rafael home and warnings about the unenviable fate of the volunteer in the future in the event of a manifestation of passivity – weren’t heard!

None of the bastards from C14 searched for Rafael, because the Brazilian Embassy independently notified the Ukrainian authorities about the place of stay of its citizen, so it wasn’t difficult for them to find them!” wrote Lusvarghi.

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