Former Head of the Presidential Administration Named the Organizers of the Coup In Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Andriy Klyuev, today named the main organizers of the events on “Euromaidan” in 2014, which led to the coup in Ukraine: Aleksandr Turchynov, Andrey Parubiy, and Sergei Pashinsky.

Klyuev said this during a speech as a witness at the trial in the Moscow court at the request of former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Oleinik on the recognition of the events of 2014 in Ukraine as a state coup, reports TASS.

“All others were used later – Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok and Klitschko,” he said.

Moreover, according to Klyuev, “they were used secretly, as well as “Right Sector”. In the beginning, “Right Sector” even arrested the snipers who shot at civilians and law enforcement bodies. It is precisely Sergey Pashinsky who brought two groups of snipers, one from Georgia, another from the Baltic States,” stated Klyuev.

As confirmation of his words, Klyuyev referred to the protocol of interrogation of one of the alleged snipers of the “Georgian group” that were members of “Right Sector”, which detained him.

“This man’s name was Vladimir Dakhnadze, he was caught by and interrogated by “Right Sector”, and he admitted that he came to Kiev to earn extra money. But Pashinsky arrived and took Dakhnadze from “Right Sector,” said Andriy Klyuev.

In addition, according to him, President Yanukovych “was under huge pressure from the EU and the USA”.

“Nearly every day they came to the President’s place. The President had only just arrived at work, and immediately one delegation came for two hours, then immediately the second one came. They were there constantly, like a flow, work was not allowed. I was calling this the “technology of shackling hands”. First they came to us, and then they went to Maidan, and gave their speeches. This was a direct interference in the internal affairs of the state,” said the former head of the administration.

Earlier, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych reported that “in the last days of the then NSDC Secretary, Andriy Klyuev was with him”.

In addition, Andriy Klyuev stated the aim of the coup in Ukraine.

“Ukraine was a good country. Unfortunately, was. The main aim (of the coup) — was done so that near Russia there was an unfriendly-minded country  Ukraine,” said Klyuev in his speech.

Dorogomilovskiy court of Moscow today heard other witnesses in the case of the establishment of a legal fact of a state coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Among the interviewees were the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, former interior Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko, former head of SBU Alexander Yakimenko, and former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka.

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Alexander Yakimenko, in particular, in his testimony pointed out that even before the beginning of the coup the SBU had information that many radicals were training in Ukraine and in the Baltic States, Georgia, and Poland. He also said that snipers and bomb experts from Georgia, the Baltic States, and Poland acted on Maidan, as well as instructors from France and Germany.

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