Former LPR Deputy: Poroshenko Could Be Behind the Blowing Up of the Colonel of Ukrainian Intelligence

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Today’s explosion in Kiev of a car with the Colonel of the Ukrainian intelligence intelligence Maksim Shapoval [connected to providing protection for Voronenkov – ed] inside can be a continuation of a chain of tragic incidents where figures, inconvenient for Petro Poroshenko, are killed.

Such an opinion was stated to Politnavigator by the former speaker of parliament of the LPR Aleksey Karyakin.

“This is not the first death of functionaries of the Ukrainian regime over the past few days. Just recently there was a road accident in which the deputy of the Kiev Regional Council Boris Panchenko — one of the initiators of the resolution on the impeachment of Poroshenko – was killed. Respectively, it is worth remembering also the road accident in which the singer Andriy Kuzmenko was killed, who began to criticize this regime right at the beginning.

Of course, today’s event is one of the links of a chain that will continue, I think, in the nearest future, as this is nothing other than the cleansing of those people who are information carriers.

We perfectly understand what information this concerns. He was not an ordinary employee of the Ministry of Defence, but an employee of the Head department of intelligence, so respectively it is possible to only speculate about what information he possessed. These are eliminations for the purpose of ‘cleaning up the tails’ of the regime that governs Ukraine today.

There are enough examples already of the elimination of those persons who are undesirable to Poroshenko’s regime. Also Sheremet’s elimination has the same handwriting.

Poroshenko removes those who are opposed to him being the President,” argues Karyakin.

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