Former Minister of Healthcare Oleg Musiy: The Plan to Exterminate Ukrainians Is Not Fictional

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The consequences of the implementation of bills that are offered by the Ministry of Health will lead to final fracture of the healthcare system in Ukraine. Municipal hospitals will be closed, doctors will lose work, and medical institutions under the control of multinational pharmaceutical corporations will replace them. This was written by Oleg Musiy on his personal website.

The former Minister of Health gave his forecast of the development of the situation in domestic medicine should bills No. 6327 and No. 6347 offered by the government are after all adopted.

In his opinion, after the adoption of the laws, all powers in the sphere of the budget allocation will go to the National health agency – “to an uncontrolled monster with a budget of 80 billion [hryvnias – ed]”.

The money for the “guaranteed package” allocated by the State will be insufficient for financing the primary level of medical care. The main load will fall on local budgets. The closure of Feldsher-obstetric points and the dismissal of doctors will follow.

In order to receive contracts, half of hospitals will pay “kickbacks” to the National agency. The other half will safely cease to exist.

At the same time, in Ukraine 20-30 powerful semi-private medical centers for money of transnational pharmaceutical companies and insurers will be built.

Public and municipal institutions, and also domestic pharmacies will be discredited under the slogan “we are for quality”.

“From the beginning of 2019, the National health agency will gradually stop contracts with hospitals that didn’t pass accreditation according to new requirements, and will start concluding them with ‘advanced modern clinics’ in the process of their opening and accreditation by the new rules, which are especially adapted for this case,” said Musiy, describing the future of medicine.

The majority of State and municipal hospitals will be closed or will provide a minimum of medical services at the secondary and tertiary level. Revolts and acts of vandalism will begin across all of Ukraine. The considerable part of doctors will be on the streets, or will travel outside the borders of Ukraine.

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At the same time, most citizens, even in the presence of acute diseases, won’t be able to receive the necessary help, as the public and municipal sector will no longer have reasonable prices, and in the private supercenter the price will be inaccessible. Many will die, without having received any medical care.

“The system of medical and pharmaceutical care turned into a milking machine of the State budget and the taxes of citizens in favor of multinational corporations,” wrote the Deputy about what the future will bring for the health system by 2020.

“Transnational pharma and insurance mafia, together with initiators of reforms, drink champagne on the graves of the millions of Ukrainians exterminated by them. The objectives are achieved: pensioners don’t exist, so the chronic problem of filling the pension fund and increasing pensions disappears. The IMF, together with national ‘traitors’, mopped up another territory from the rebellious people,” concludes Oleg Musiy.

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