Former Minister of Economy: Ukraine Will Sell Its Land to Pay off the IMF

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine still remains a rich country – it is possible to squeeze more out of her, up to the sale of land. 
This was stated on the air of the “ZIK” TV channel by the former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov.

According to him, getting out of the debt hole with the IMF is extremely problematic, that’s why the country should pay it off using the subsoil and resources.

“It is a constant debt situation, and a country that was developed becomes absolutely poor. Here, Ukraine is in the same situation. By the way, it’s not a coincidence that one of the demands of the IMF is the sale of land. Ukraine is still a rich country, we can still pay off debts using the land, we can still pay them off with natural resources,” said Suslov.

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