Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine: The Burning of Odessa Residents Is Good

The murder of more than 40 people [this is the official figure cited by the Kiev regime – in reality it is over 300 – ed] in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2nd 2014 prevented the development of the same scenario in Odessa as the one that was carried out in Donbass.

This was announced on the air of the “Guildhall” channel by the former Prosecutor-General of Ukraine and Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema.

“On May 2nd 2014 more than 40 people were killed in Odessa. As Deputy Prime Minister, I came to the scene, I saw all these corpses, I saw them die. They were all bandaged.

And by chance, or not by chance, there were ultras, fans of football clubs. And there was a fight, as a result of which these people were killed.

The same scenario as in Donetsk and Lugansk was being prepared. But they failed to achieve that.

And back then all the media, it is not a secret, were preparing the connection of Ukraine with the Black Sea by land, the connection of the Russian Federation by land with Crimea. But they failed. They did not calculate that in those regions, too, there’s an overwhelming majority of Ukrainians who did not accept separatist appeals,” said Yarema.

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