Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine: Poroshenko’s Methods Differ Little From Hitler’s

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Political murders in Ukraine are committed by the order of the authorities or in coordination with it. This was declared by the Former First Deputy Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin, who is today the lawyer of the mother of the writer shot in Kiev Oles Buzina.

Those methods that help the current President lead the country, including political murders, differ little from Hitler’s, and the country has been ready for a fascist dictatorship for a long time, he said.

“If to trust the official narrative, the murder of Buzina was committed by the former employees of the National Guard and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. The murder of Voronenkov, who was protected by the employee of the Ministry of Defence, was committed by an employee of the National Guard, also a former one. At this time the Ukrainian authorities, trying to justify themselves, blame for these murders either the Kremlin or some mythical radicals, acting separately from the authorities. In reality in Ukraine there is no radical or Nazi underground separate from the authorities. All crimes of radicals are compatible with the ideology of the new Ukrainian power, and are committed either on the order of the authorities, or in coordination with it,” said Kuzmin.

The main beneficiary of murders is the power itself, because its doctrine recognizes everything that “reflects the expectations of the Ukrainian nation” as lawful, and allows violence against enemies, said Renat Kuzmin.

He reminded about the fact that the case of Buzina isn’t being investigated and is suspended because of far-fetched motives.

“Allegedly someone abroad fulfils some international orders of the prosecutor’s office … In reality they sent in-advance to the US the obviously impracticable assignment of establishing the exact location of the Internet user during his work with his page on Facebook …” said Kuzmin.

In his opinion, if the suspects are guilty, then the case has to be sent to the court, if they aren’t – the Prosecutor-General must establish the real guilty persons and punish those who deceived the public.

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The wave of political murders in Ukraine started with the execution of protesters on Maidan.

“While we don’t know the truth about the organizers, order-givers, and performers of murders on Maidan, we won’t learn about the truth either about the organizers of other resonant crimes in Ukraine. Otherwise, justice, democracy, and human rights in general are out of the question,” considers Renat Kuzmin.

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