Former Rada Deputy: The European Parliament Blackmailed Zelensky by Threatening a “Non-Peaceful Maidan”

Vice-President of the Ukraine-EU Association Committee and member of the European Parliament Viola von Cramon-Taubadel threatened Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with a “non-peaceful Maidan” if he did not carry out reforms in the country. According to the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Spiridon Kilinkarov, this is already the frank blackmail of Kiev by Europe.

In an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, Euro-deputy Viola von Cramon-Taubadel criticised the policies of Zelensky and his entourage, which rely on solidifying power in one hand. In her opinion, Ukraine needs a strong parliament that will carry out reforms.

“We allocate enough money to this wonderful country, a lot of money is given for reforms. And if Mr Zelensky does not want to continue with these reforms, and instead – to prevent them or even reverse them, then we must respond to it,” said the MEP. “We will not remain silent. We must make the necessary recommendations, because it is in our interest to continue the reform process.”

Von Cramon said Ukrainians who returned from the war in Donbass and have weapons may also be unhappy with the policies of Zelensky, who they elected in order to improve life in Ukraine.

“And if people aren’t happy, the next Maidan won’t be peaceful. It can be terrible,” warned the MEP.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada V, VI, and VII convocation Spiridon Kilinkarov, in comment to the Federal News Agency, called the statements of Mrs. von Cramon “outright blackmail”.

“The implementation of reforms is a continuous process. But we see no strategy and no end result for the reforms imposed on Ukraine by the international community, the same Europe. Because reform is essentially a desire to make life better in the country. But in Ukraine, unfortunately, reforms carried out in different spheres of life have not produced positive results. The expected effect is zero. So should we listen to what the Europeans so strongly recommend?

But the lady MEP essentially said Kiev had an obligation to listen to the European Union, which gives it money for reforms. Speaking about a non-peaceful Maidan, she transparently hinted that Europe is able to start a new uprising in Ukraine if Zelensky will resist,” said Spiridon Kilinkarov.

The spokesman of the Federal News Agency reminded that Maidan in 2014 was also organised and financed by the West.

“There would be no state coup in Ukraine if the Americans and Europeans did not guarantee the conversion of an armed, in fact, uprising into a legitimate government. And it’s not a good thing for them to have another coup and promise new individuals to stand at the helm. The Americans and Europeans will always find people inside Ukraine who will be willing to take such unconstitutional actions if it is in their interests.

So it is necessary to read the words of the Vice-President of the Ukraine-EU Association Committee in the European Parliament as follows: either you do what we need in your country, or we task people inside your country to carry out a new state coup, it will be even bloodier than the previous one, but we will legitimise its results. It is the direct blackmail of the President of Ukraine and it is beyond common sense. Europe has not learned from previous mistakes,” added Kilinkarov.

Marina Stepanova

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