Former Rada Deputy Will Appeal to the Venice Commission on the Case of a Coup D’etat

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Oleinik, the claim of which to recognize the events in Kiev of 2014 as a coup d’etat was accepted by Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow, declared that he intends to appeal through the OSCE to the Venice Commission.

In addition, Oleinik intends to file a lawsuit against the European Ministers of Foreign Affairs who were, according to him, guarantors of the agreement of the former president Victor Yanukovych and opposition on February 21st.

“It is a unique document in which proofs and video recordings were collected … It is necessary for Ukrainian society to become acquainted with this document, as the Ukrainian people don’t understand, and a considerable part doesn’t understand that there was an anti-constitutional coup… I don’t exclude the possibility to appeal to the courts of law of Germany and Poland with a claim to (the Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter) Steinmeier and other guarantors of the agreement of Yanukovych and the opposition,” declared Oleinik to journalists after the court session. What measures, in his opinion, the court can take, the ex-deputy didn’t explain.

Besides this, Oleinik, through the OSCE, intends to familiarise the Venice Commission with the court’s judgment, for which the politician is going to begin a petition of residents of Ukraine under an appeal to the OSCE.

Earlier on Tuesday the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow satisfied Oleinik’s claim and recognized the events in Ukraine in 2014 as a state coup.

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