Former “Right Sector” Militants Staged an Uproar in a Park in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Drunk former fighters of one of the [Ukrainian – ed] voluntary battalions staged an uproar in Odessa. In the local Shevchenko park they hit a woman, smashed the window of her shop “Chernomorets”, and smashed the stall.

However, afterwards the disorder was stopped by the security guards of the stall, who strongly “laid out” the three not very sober citizens in camouflage who called themselves fighters of the battalion of the Ukrainian voluntary army “Aratta”.

The police told journalists that the conflict happened because volunteers allegedly shortchanged the stall. After this they “tried to flip the stall upside down”.

The arrived security guards prevented them from doing it, having knocked the drunk former fighters of voluntary battalions around and called the police to the scene.

Also there is information about the former belonging of the brawlers to “Right Sector”.

Law enforcement authorities confiscated an air gun and two knives from the brawlers. Also one of them had to be hospitalized with head injuries. Two others were detained and brought to the police department.

According to the deputy commander of the battalion “Aratta” with the callsign “Dushman”, the detainees don’t belong to his regiment any more.

“They indeed fought, but more than a year ago they were expelled for boozing. And now they aren’t included in our organization. I know about the conflict, these people, indeed, were drunk and behaved roughly,” said “Dushman”.

The communal enterprise “Municipal guard”, the employees of which, it appears, detained the hooligans, has a slightly different version of the incident:

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Today, approximately at 13:40, in Shevchenko Park a woman spoke to patrolling employees of “Municipal guard”, and reported that around the area of the skatepark three unknown persons in military uniforms, having signs of intoxication, walked around with a gun and a knife, and harassed passersby. Also they injured a girl.

Threatening the employees of the municipal guard with weapons, the offenders said that they have grenades and that they are a part of “Right Sector”.

Using methods of hand-to-hand combat, two employees of “Municipal guard” neutralized the brawlers and detained them. A gun and two knives were found on them, however a grenade wasn’t.

According to the information of the patrol force, the detainees injured a woman, smashed the glass of the sports club stall window (allegedly “Chernomorets”) and smashed the mobile trade stall.

The story described above helps to confirm the statistics relating to mental illness in Ukraine. And thanks to the visa-free regime and the EU’s complicity in sponsoring terrorism, there is nothing stopping thugs like the ones above from doing the same in the parks of the EU. And these are the same “heroes” that the West aids and abets to cleanse Donbass, and brainwashed Ukrainians glorify? 

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