Former Ukrainian Deputy Aleksey Zhuravko: The Order to Provoke Russia in the Kerch Strait Came From the US Embassy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!


Today I had a conversation with a serious person from Kiev who is on active service. For safety reasons I cannot give its name. I trust this person. Many thanks that there are still decent people.

Here is what he told me. The special operation in the Black Sea made on November 25th in the Kerch Strait was prepared over three months by the American intelligence agencies and the SBU. All orders on carrying out a provocation in the Black Sea were given to Poroshenko by the US Embassy in Ukraine. And Poroshenko, in turn, personally gave the instructions to the performers. He consciously sent boats and young guys off to be shot, and members of the crew were equipped with a large number of cartridges and small arms, having being told that they must fire back to the last bullet. They were sent to a certain death for the purpose of carrying out a provocation.

There’s more. Poroshenko gave the order to not hold any negotiations with Russia concerning returning sailors, and if the people will insist and kick up a storm around it, then drag out he negotiation process as much as possible. This order came from the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Dear parents of the aggrieved Ukrainian sailors detained by the border service of Russia! Your children were used by Poroshenko and his gang as cannon fodder, and you continue to be deceived. That 50,000 hryvnia that he promised you will end very quickly. He met you only to calm your anger, to appease you, like saying “we are dealing with this issue”.

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I am amazed at Poroshenko’s cynicism and his bestial treatment of the people. Since April 2014 more than 10,000 servicemen of Ukraine have already died. And nobody, for some reason, came to see them. And they were not invited neither to see the President nor the government. And Great Petro did not help the mothers of the perished sons by offering them financial support.

And even the representative of the US Embassy in Ukraine came to see the mothers of the sailors. So, Ukrainians, think about who is the real murderer and provoker in Ukraine.

And lastly, Ukrainians, I want to tell you that the country is under external protectorate, and the United States is pulling the strings. And Kiev marginal persons just roll over and perform, as was the case with the provocation in the Sea of Azov, via the hands of Ukrainians. As is said, the Americans will fight with imaginary Russia by proxy to the last Ukrainian.

Yours faithfully,
Aleksey Zhuravko

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