Former Ukrainian Deputy Grach: Under the Ukrainian Flag Civilians Are Killed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian yellow-blue flag has turned into a symbol of the murder of civilians, because under it a military punitive operation against the uprising in Donbass is conducted.

This was stated to “Politnavigator” by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Leonid Grach.

According to him, neither August 23rd’s “Day of the flag”, nor August 24th’s “Independence Day” of Ukraine are holidays.

“This adventure of the century, which ended with the destruction of the Soviet Union, proved that it was criminal and, besides this, that bandit governments formed, which called themselves independent from each other, and all dependence on America has only intensified.

The fact that Ukraine’s tries to celebrate the day of some unclear flag that is nationalist, Nazi today, and tomorrow – ‘Independence Day’ … is very symbolical that the so-called ‘Independence Day’ is celebrated by a State that is absolutely dependent on the American course, and which will be carried out under the patronage of the United States Secretary of Defense. This is all their independence.

And the fact that under this flag they kill their own people, civilians, that they set against each other, that a fratricidal war is ongoing, that under this flag blood is shed, this is a crime, and those who celebrate such days are people who commit crimes,” said Grach.

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