Former Ukrainian Deputy: Today Ukraine Has the Worst Relations With Its Neighbours Since “Independence”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today Ukraine has the worst relations with its neighbours in 26 years of the country’s independence. This was stated on the air of the TV channel “112” by the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former head of the Ukrainian branch of Interpol Kirill Kulikov. According to him, it is the “President-diplomat” Petro Poroshenko who is to blame for this.

“Ukraine has neighbours. On land we have seven countries with which we are neighboursAccording the leadership of the President, since 2014, here is what we have: war with Russia, in Belarus Lukashenko uses us to frighten children and is already preparing to build a fence. Everybody flies to Moscow via Minsk, and Minsk airport, which resembled a bus station – now Belarus thanks Arseny Yatsenyuk for making business for it.

Look at what is happening for us regarding Hungary. We always had very difficult relations with Romania, but now, with the adoption of this law, we have the worst relations for all the years of independence.

With Poland, which was the main lobbyist, now Poland acts against Ukraine and against what is happening in Ukraine concerning the inverting of history, with attempts to make heroes of those who aren’t. I.e., our relations with Poland are the worst.

With Slovakia, it is like this like that, because we buy so-called Slovak gas. I.e., we buy Russian gas 20% more expensive, and the Slovaks earn something from it and are very grateful that we exist.

We also have very difficult relations with Moldova. Just the fact that the President has personal relations with a Moldavian oligarch by the name of Plahotniuc means relations with the President of Moldova Dodon are very difficult. I.e. it is unclear what relations Ukraine has with Moldova.

I.e., let’s look at the fact that in all 26 years (of independence), (during the period) when President Poroshenko leads foreign policy we have the worst relations with our neighbours,” said Kulikov.

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