Former Ukrainian Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko: Ukraine Is Being Converted into a Prospectless Outback Country

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Thursday, October 4th, the parliament of Ukraine considered the law on language, and in essence – on restrictions on the Russian language. The aspiration to limit the use of the Russian language and the languages of ethnic minorities will lead to a split in Ukraine, but this doesn’t disturb those who are in power, it doesn’t disturb. They carry out their task: to turn Ukraine into “Anti-Russia”. This was stated by one of the authors of the law of Ukraine “On the fundamentals of the state language policy”, the chairman of the presidium of the Internal Council of Russian Compatriots Vadim Kolesnichenko in an interview with the “” publication.

The Verkhovna Rada considered several draft laws on language. All of them aim to strengthen the positions of only one language, but they narrow the scope of languages of national minorities and the Russian language. How will you, the author of the previous “language law”, comment on this? What will it lead to – will it strengthen the unity of the country or will it split the country?

“It doesn’t strengthen the unity of the country, it violates the Constitution and the international obligations in front of the Council of Europe directly, and it doesn’t bring stability to the country. All of this aims to turn the country into the outback.”

One of the draft laws stipulates the introduction of language inspectors…

“I don’t even need to comment! After all, I said: this is an outback country, the 19th century. In such a case, the further destiny of Ukraine will be its split. First of all, with the help of Europe. Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland – they take note of the problems connected to the Charter of regional languages. A charter that was ratified by Ukraine and in accordance with which it issued reports and thanks to which I managed to get the law on language (‘On the fundamentals of the state language policy’) adopted with a struggle. And they [the Eastern European countries that Ukraine has irritated – ed] will block all questions connected to European integration anyway.

It will simply lead to destabilisation. And most importantly — to total illiteracy.

The ideologists of outback Nazism consider only one thing. The destruction of everything, which, in their opinion, will lead to the revival of what never existed – some Ukrainian cultural layer.

It speaks about the narrow-mindedness of these people, on the one hand. But, on the other hand, the Washington curators do everything correctly. This is a third-rate country of slave outbackers who shouldn’t lay claim to anything and should be service personnel — in brothels and rubbish dumps.”

It is possible to remember that the attempt to cancel your law in 2014 indeed substantially aggravated the political crisis. But this experience isn’t taken into account by the current Ukrainian authorities.

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“No, the experience was taken into account. In five years they killed and destroyed those who didn’t agree with their rights being violated. And today — an intimidated, blinkered herd of people that have no jobs, people who protect their three hryvnia … Otherwise they will remain without a job and won’t be able to support their family. Classic! Outback country. Sorry – territory. It isn’t a country, it is an outback territory…”

Resistance won’t be shown?

“There won’t be protests. People are killed. They are killed, destroyed, and dispersed. Is there anyone who can resist?”

If to speak about medium-term prospects …

“There aren’t any prospects.”

But, maybe, the new political cycle and a new government will bring some changes?

“There won’t be any new political cycle. All of these actions aim to destroy this territory as a state.”

It turns out that the Ukrainian authorities doesn’t make mistakes, but work purposefully?

“They don’t make mistakes. People who are on the maintenance of the Washington regional committee perform their role. They aren’t statesmen. The interests of the state don’t bother them, they don’t need them at all. Ukraine as a state doesn’t interest them. Their task is to create Anti-Russia.”

And they successfully cope with this task …


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