Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Ukraine Has Become a Source of Primitive Diseases

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara stated on the air of the “NewsOne” channel that the condition of Ukrainian medicine is on the floor. The country can’t cope with epidemics of diseases that easily treated in developed states.

“I would like to remind all our viewers that 5-10 years ago in Ukraine there was the highest standards of medicine, at least social orientation was one of the best.

It is still written in the Constitutions that healthcare is the responsibility of the state, and that it is a free service.

Those reforms that take place today are being carried out contrary to the Constitution. We, without changing the main law of our country, are transferring medicine to the commercial rails.

Moreover, look at what is happening today to the health of our population. There were epidemics that the USSR, which long ceased to exist, defeated decades ago. These epidemics are now emerging.

Ukraine is the number one source of tuberculosis and other infections that the whole world has already heard nothing about for years.

Today people die because of the simplest botulism – because there is no vaccine. Tell me, in what European country can such simple diseases create a threat to life?” commented the former head on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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