Former Ukrainian Intelligence Official: Poroshenko’s Decree on Awarding Filaret the Title “Hero of Ukraine” Is Illegal

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko had no right to give the title “Hero of Ukraine” to the schismatic Filaret. This was written by the former head of the Main Investigation Department of the SBU Vasily Vovk on his blog on “”.

“‘The measure that can be used to measure the contribution of Patriarch Filaret to the fight for the local church has not yet been invented. He was, is and remains the spiritual leader of the Ukrainian church, the spiritual leader of the Ukrainian people. That is why I’ve decided to award him the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ title,’ said the President.

According to the Statute of Hero of Ukraine:

1. The President of Ukraine is not entitled to make a decision on awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine…

2. The President should receive a submission from the relevant bodies (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine… ministries… etc., an exhaustive list is written in the Charter) and an award list in the proper form…

3. Nominations for the title of Hero of Ukraine are carried out publicly at the place of work of the person…

Proposal: before the morning to at least file a submission of the Commission of State Awards and Heraldry under the President of Ukraine, which is contained in the list of authorised bodies.”

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