Former Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: Ukraine Has Been Digging the Grave of Its Own Independence for 26 Years

Translated by Ollie Richardson


After “Nord Stream-2” is launched Ukraine will lose money for the transit of Russian gas. Such an opinion was expressed on April 24th on the air of the “112 Ukraine” TV channel by the former Deputy Prime Minister of the oppositional government Boris Kolesnikov.

Ukraine will lose transit

“Ukraine will indeed lose the transit that Ukraine received up to $4.5 billion of revenue for annually, as a matter of fact, without expenses. We will lose this, Nord Stream will be completed and put into operation.

It makes me smile when the Ukrainian authorities say: the whole world will lose; we will defend Europe. Europeans are polite people, but on the sidelines they say “guys, for a start you at least have to defend yourself and save yourself, and then you will defend and save us”.

Ukraine has been digging the grave of its own independence for 26 years

According to Boris Kolesnikov, Ukraine is digging the grave of its independence, since without an economy any independence is out of the question.

“I don’t want to say at all that only the current authorities are guilty. For all 26 years Ukraine has dug the grave of its independence. But if earlier it dug it using shovels, losing the economy and international cooperation that the whole world lives in accordance with. Instead of such integration and cooperation that we had, we were burying our own independence.

There will be no independence if there is no economy, and the conversation with the IMF is actual proof of this. That’s why it is now necessary not to continue to bury the independence of Ukraine – now it is already being done using excavators. We have lost half of our GDP: from 180 billion there is only 100,” noted the head of the oppositional government.

He also added that at the moment Ukraine grows slower than everyone else, also it is in first place for corruption and last place in terms of salaries in Europe, that’s why it is necessary to first implement the Minsk Agreements and then to continue to sit down at the negotiating table.

“And we have lost all transit services. It is necessary first to force everyone to implement the Minsk Agreements, to return control over Donbass and to sit down at the negotiating table concerning all economic problems, with the owners of gas and the buyers of gas,” said Boris Kolesnikov.

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