Former Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin Testifies Against Joe Biden

The testimony of the former Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin against the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.

Actually, Lutsenko was also appointed to hush up this case, therefore he still says that Biden isn’t guilty.

If in the upcoming months a criminal case is opened against Lutsenko for abusing office powers and obstructing justice, then it will be an eloquent marker of the choice that was made by Zelensky and Kolomoisky. And as the political war in Washington unwinds, it will be more difficult for the Kiev regime to remain sitting on two chairs – it will be necessary to make a choice. Shokin and his testimony concerning the case of Burisma is one of the most effective tools for putting pressure on Biden in the hands of the environment of Trump. Therefore, we will see the former Prosecutor General quite often, unless he has a “sudden” heart attack.

Colonel Cassad

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