Former US Ambassador To Russia Michael McFaul Had a Break Down: Part 2

Surprisingly, the failure of January 23rd’s “revolution” was an even greater tragedy for its foreign coordinators than for the local performers. And the most important thing here is not the statistical insignificance of the number of participants, which is a shame to name out loud, even in comparison with the deserted “marches of millions” of recent years (which have already become a meme), but in the moral inflation of the source of the very soft power that ignites “colour revolutions” around the globe.

Just look at the Twitter tantrum of former US Ambassador Michael McFaul. It’s almost a month since he shouted to the world: “No, in the United States it was different, you must understand!”, “Do not compare domestic American terrorists with the shining destroyers of the regimes of Belarus and Russia!”. But they don’t hear him, and most importantly, they don’t believe him.

As well as the investigation with a ten-year history, which has already gained more than 70 million views, which was dusted off on this occasion in the “citadel of democracy”. With cute misprints in the form of “dirt rooms” and documents from the CIA archives. However, I do not blame YouTube for cheating — a private company “has the right”. Another meme so modern and inconvenient for “democracy”.

I am sure that McFaul understands better than anyone that every failed attempt to organise a coup or riots (especially those inspired from the outside) is also a vaccination against them. Especially when a democratic country tries to act as a moral authority, whose “people’s” leader is being inaugurated behind a concrete fence shrouded in barbed wire, in a city blocked by roadblocks and military equipment, surrounded by 25,000 heavily armed National Guardsmen. And the wind rustles the “Wanted” posters bearing the FBI’s bounty on the heads of the protesters.

At the sight of what is happening, it seems that 200 years ago, Aleksandr Griboyedov wrote his famous “Woe from Wit” about the US. He sat and thoughtfully wrote Chatsky’s monologue, dipping his pen in the inkwell and looking at Joe Biden (and the Burisma case), Nancy Pelosi, Jen Psaki, Victoria Nuland, riots in Ukraine, crowds in Belarus, Libya, Syria:

“And who are the judges? – For antiquity years

Their enmity is irreconcilable to a free life,

Judgments are drawn from forgotten newspapers

The times of the Ochakovskys and the conquest of the Crimea;

Always ready to play

They all sing the same song

Not noticing about myself:

Older is worse.

Where? show us, fatherland fathers,

Which ones should we take for samples?

Aren’t they rich in robbery?”

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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