France’s “Black Block” Promises to Make Paris the “Capital of the Uprising” on May 1st

The French “black bloc” is calling on the Yellow Vests to join their “determined and combative procession” on May 1st to make Paris the “capital of the uprising”. Through this rally, they hope to make Emmanuel Macron hear their discontent, “to overthrow him and make him live a day in hell”, they say on their Facebook page.

The French “Black Bloc” plan to organise a big rally in Paris on the occasion of Labour Day on May 1st.

Thus, in the event on Facebook they call on Yellow Vests and other “revolutionaries” to join their procession “for a yellow and black May 1st”.

They explain their initiative by their discontent with the “Macronian government” and denounce his “unprecedented repression”.

Prohibitions of demonstrations, deployment of soldiers, the use of tanks, the use of chemical markers and weapons of war against demonstrators, over-the-top jail sentences, torn off hands, blinded protesters…

The “Black Bloc” also claim that the state currently apprehends the “adhesion and understanding” that the mutineers arouse among the entire population, stressing that it is the government itself “that is currently striking France with all its violence”.

Finally, the organisers of the movement urge “all the revolutionaries of France” and “all those who want it to change” to demonstrate with them on May 1st.

“Against Macron and his people, let’s take the street together to revive the convergence of anger and hope. Let us prepare, equip ourselves, organise, to overthrow him and make him live through a day in hell,” they urge, concluding that “war has been declared”.

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