French Activist in Aleppo’s Open Letter to Francois Hollande: “The Lie About the Syria War Is Too Big”

By Ollie Richardson

The document at the foot of this page is a copy of what was sent to Francois Hollande by Pierre Le Corf – a French humanitarian activist and founder of We Are Superheroes now living in Aleppo. In this letter he makes it clear to the French President that the propaganda that is broadcasted on French TV channels can very easily be countered by primary research – something that Pierre has done plenty of.

For example, when East Aleppo was liberated the French activist interviewed the locals who managed to survive the jihadist (sorry, “moderate”) occupation, who revealed that actually there were plenty of medicines and food, it’s just that the terrorists took it all for themselves and sold it to residents at hyper-extortionate prices.

In his letter to Hollande, Pierre also recounts how French-made ammunition was found in the possession of terrorists, and the fact that the so-called “White Helmets” group are in fact barbaric terrorists.


Judging by the French media’s silence about the French cement company Lafarge admitting their complicity in ISIS’ operations, focusing instead on crying about Le Pen’s tweets, which resulted in her being stripped of her diplomatic immunity, it is unlikely that Mr Le Corf will receive a request from French media for an interview. After all, subsequent to Aleppo being fully liberated by Assad and friends, French media, diplomats, and personalities dropped all interest in Syria like a hot potato. 

[Pierre Le Corf reads out his open letter to Hollande]

Accompanying text to video:

From Aleppo I share few words and I read this letter that I wrote to the President Hollande, for those who do not like to read. I don’t like to play activists who break open doors but the lie is too big and I confess I have a hard time digesting it, not after everything I’ve and everybody here have seen and experienced. We hang on here and keep doing our best, day after day to improve life and hope. I have 150 kids and families with me at this moment, when I watch them living, laughing, it erases everything else, but this fight is for them and I do not want us to destroy everything they believe in, and even if it is not me who will change the world nor am I there to convince you, I hope at least to push you to think with your hearts, to ask you the right questions and to be those who by the number can change things.

We will say that it is a video, which, at worst, like the letter, like all the testimonies of Syrians, media, will serve as archives for the passing time. Now Aleppo has been almost totally erased from the medias, but life and war continue here even if it does not make headlines anymore when you open your newspapers in the morning in the subway. People continue to suffer from the situation we have built.

No one has consulted us about the sanctions against the Syrian people and the financing of armed groups. If you are revolted for 500 000 € of fictitious employment for this one or that one I can not understand how, if not the bulimia of information, you can not be revolted for billions stolen to make a war, to destabilize the country of those whom you now find in front of your doors, in your streets. They are now part of your dailies, it is not just to give them food, give them a roof, heat, they had all of this already, give them the opportunity to rebuild, give them peace.”

Letter (4 pages):

English - Open letter to the President

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