French Journalist David Dufresne Took Stock of the Wounds Inflicted on the Yellow Vests Due to Police Violence

The mutilations of many demonstrators, often wounded in the head by flash balls during the mobilisation of Yellow Vests, are ignored with silence by the French media. This prompted the journalist Davis Dufresne to become a “whistleblower”.

Invited to the microphone of “Mediapart Live”, the journalist David Dufresne spoke about what shocked him during the demonstrations of the Yellow Vests to the extent that he became a “whistleblower” concerning police violence and to create for this purpose the project “Allô Place Beauvau?”.

“What astonishes me is December 3rd. (…) To see a lot of wounded and mutilated people,” said the journalist during a broadcast of “Mediapart Live” on the topic of the “anti-breakers” law, which is currently under review by the Constitutional Council, and more widely on the repression of the social movements in France.

We’re talking about mutilated people. We are talking about people who, because they came to protest, lost a hand, 5 people, lost an eye, 23 people, more than a 100 whose heads were targeted by flash balls. Shattered jaws, hearing problems, etc.

The journalist insisted that only the acts of violence of the demonstrators had been widely publicised, but not those committed by the police:

I have a feeling of astonishment, on the one hand, at this police violence, and secondly, I do not see these images reflected in the media important at that time, i.e., news channels and programs. They talk about the violence of the Yellow Vests, but not about police violence

And to conclude he said that the police is also a political affair … especially when it comes to policing.

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