French Media: Turkey Forced to Become Russia’s Ally in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov not only didn’t become a reason for conflict between the countries, as some experts expected, but it even accelerated their mutual rapprochement, wrote the journalist Michel Scott on the website of the French TV channel LCI.

In fact, Turkey turned away from supporting the “moderate opposition” and joined the position of Russia, and this marks a turning point in the Syrian conflict. Western countries are powerless, and the leading role in crisis settlement finally passes to Moscow, Scott writes.

The author sees the reason for such a reversal is the fact that in five years of war in Syria, Turkey didn’t achieve any progress: the Syrian “moderate” opposition was radicalized, the West stopped to give it real support, the role of Iran sharply increased in the region, and the coalition under the leadership of Washington cooperates with the Kurds.

Generally, Ankara became isolated, and rapprochement with Russia was the only option to salvage the situation of Erdogan. The fight against the common enemy – terrorism – became the reason. The official rhetoric of Ankara constantly emphasizes the relationship between terrorism and the movement of the political opponent of Erdogan Fethullah Gülen.

Previously, nobody, except Turkey, saw danger in the movement, but now the victim of a terrorist, whom the Turkish side hurried to connect with Gülen, was the Russian ambassador.

A striking confirmation of the change in the political policy of Turkey became the tripartite meeting with the participation of Russian Foreign Ministers and Iran, which took place in Moscow on December 20th. During this meeting an extremely important agreement was reached: the question of removal of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad won’t be brought up, writes Michel Scott.

The new policy of Ankara demands from Erdogan to finally leave to the mercy of fate the almost completely beaten Syrian opposition, one of supporters of which was Turkey.

The opposition in Syria, which is already suffering one defeat after another, is waiting for even more troubled times. The countries of the West are powerless to help them, and now they have been turned away, Turkey more and more comes closer to Russia – the appearance of a new ally is beneficial. In the Middle East a new balance of forces was established, summarizes Michel Scott.

It should be noted that as the French media is now reporting on the Syrian war accurately, it hints at preperations being made to ditch the anti-Russian propaganda just in time for Donald Trump’s inaugeration, and also because, in the eyes of the West, there is nothing left to play for in Syria.

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