French Media: Vlad, 6 years old, was killed by Ukrainian shells made in the US

Translated By Angelina Siard

On July 13th, I wanted to speak to you about children dead in Donbass, you know, this self-proclaimed Republic that seceded from Ukraine, which no longer wanted her to speak Russian. And then, there were these dead children on the Promenade des Anglais, murdered by a rigorous lecture of the Koran, which refuses to modernise. And then, every day, in Syria, small girls and small boys are killed by shells launched by the “moderate rebels” supported and armed, in particular, by France, or by those who seek to replicate her.

Well, I hesitated to send this paper to However this is happening every day in Europe, with the blessing of NATO, with our blessing, isn’t it Mr. Ayrault, the successor of this Fabius, who just found a golden retirement while he has on his conscience the dead in Syria, Ukraine, and that’s not all. But, here, it is not the madmen of the Islamic State who are responsible for the death of these European children. It’s us, Europeans manipulated by Washington, who launch lethal heavy weapons, which every day destroy Donbass, house after house.

A small lifeless body, facing the sky, the single balloon near his small hands now useless. It is that of Vlad, 6 years old, who was playing in the yard of his small house in Gorlovka. His picture will never make all of the front pages of the world, as it is politically incorrect. Vlad was just a little Ukrainian child, born in the east, and died in Donbass at the age of 6 years. He died, like his neighbor, at 7-years of age, both victims of Ukrainian shelling. Vlad will never be Aylan. Vlad was not a muslim, nor a migrant. And his body lying in the bushes will never have the same impact as the visual of Aylan, who was abandoned on the beach by the waves of the Mediterranean. Vlad was just a little boy whose parents live in Donbass and have always spoken Russian, like most of the inhabitants of this region that the pro-American Kiev leaders do not want to see under the control of Russia.

Because, despite the Minsk agreements, which prohibited any use of weapons of a calibre greater than 100mm, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired 2950 shells of heavy weapons in the last week of June, killing these two children, and destroying 61 homes in the residential areas of Gorlovka, Zaitsevo Makeyevka, Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, and Kominternovo. And the week from 9th to 15th of July, the bombardment continued, which destroyed 172 houses and buildings, killing their inhabitants.

According to the website of Philippe Ehua, the army of Kiev has pounded the frontline of the Donetsk People’s Republic day and night. “Exactly at a time when there was a new tripartite meeting of the contact group for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Kiev showed its determination to trample the attempts at a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine, and to continue their war against Donbass” said the website of Philippe Ehua.

And what to say about this meeting of NATO, which France is, alas, a member of, which did nothing but attack Russia in order to invent its assault against Europe, accusing it of wanting to invade Ukraine, and putting in place 4,000 additional troops on the border of Russia. NATO’s 173 articles of the declaration of Warsaw on the 9th of July are a true declaration of war on Putin.

And yes, there is not only the mad-for-Allah. There are also the mad-for-war at the head of NATO.

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