French Police and the Yellow Vests: Understanding How It Works

The following information comes from a Yellow Vest under the name of “Julien Pcmoi” and offers an insight into how the police actually manage, or rather don’t manage, the so-called “maintenance of law and order” (propping up the Macron regime). The gist is that the police forces are extremely badly managed by the state and the already thin resources are stretched like an elastic band. There is a total disconnect between the world of the Yellow Vests and the world of “law enforcement”, to the extent where algorithm-crafted simulacra acts as a hologram floating above reality through which the media presents the protestors as “hooligans” and sub-human – all in the name of keeping the machine of capitalism spinning.

It should be noted that the original text includes French slang and loose grammar observation, so the translation below uses more polished language for the sake of clarity.

All of this is very real, after hard work it is great knowing the truth about this subject, and this is only the beginning.

Let’s set the record straight, it is a revolution minus a quarter!

Because we all believe that some police forces are monopolising the maintenance of order in many cities of France, we will restore order vis-a-vis information, and also because it is not possible to move towards something that we do not understand since we do not know how it works. Making you believe that this police is acting like this because you are Yellow Vests – chaos – is a masquerade and lies!!

We all see what is happening in all our streets on Saturday and do not really understand what is happening to us. The Anti-Crime Brigade, Research and Intervention Brigade, Security Companies (Les compagnies de sécurisation), Voltigeurs, and Brigades for the Repression of Violent Actions (BRAV) now take the streets in order to make order in their way, without Operational Identity Referent (RIO), without armbands for the most part, with batons, flash ball launchers, stun grenades, humiliating searches, bullying attempts – everything is good for making their power reign, everything off record with other police services.

These men do not cost the state anything but their wages and their lean midday snack eaten standing in their vans on Saturday down a small street. Most of them did not cost the state anything to be there, without any training of law enforcement, with slight training for some for the use of the flash ball launcher. But with great determination filled with anger, hatred, abuse, and vulgarity against all Yellow Vests on any horizon. They hunt the “lefties” (gauchos)!! When they are in the neighbourhoods during the week they hunt “always the same ones”, and when they are in the street on Saturday it is the “gauchos” – very demeaning spirit. So it is not possible in this spirit to not create the chaos that we see every Saturday, which suggests that it could be different. It’s not their weapons that are dangerous, it’s their mentality!!

On the other side of the street we have CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité) and gendarmes, who, over time through conversations with the Yellow Vests, from Saturday to Saturday, no longer understand the movement, are content to say that it is an amorphous grouping [Yellow Vests – ed] that is all over the place, that they do not understand us any more, where in certain streets lonely and quiet groups and in another street a more nervous group, making a confused and meaningless whole!! They also explain to us that they only see what they have in front of them and not what is happening several streets further …. and for good reason – a few streets further the brigades of disorder hide themselves… They receive commands according to what the Yellow Vests do during these moments, they respond to the advances of these brigades of horror. The orders arrive and the tear gas is unleashed!! These CRS, not even understanding the meaning of what is happening in the street, nor what they must do, judge the movement of the amorphous grouping [Yellow Vests – ed] and thus even forget the demands of the Yellow Vests, and ultimately not understanding anymore why they are in the street, an assessment is made – “your movement does not look like what was said at the beginning”, BFMized at the same time! The circle is closed – “we are tired of Yellow Vests every Saturday, you annoy the whole world!” The brigades of horror [police – ed] are pissing on us, and the CRS tell us that it hails!!!!

STOP!! That’s enough of reducing the noble movement of the Yellow Vests to sh*t, highlighting everyone every Saturday who is pointed out as violent by a police with dubious and hollow habits, like plant pots!!

We inform ourselves to know how you work and who you are!! Every Yellow Vest will know for future reference how you are employed and that the financier weighs as much in the balance as the strategy for the maintenance of order in the street.

We will start with this rumour of the CRS who explained to Maxime Nicolle that he was getting €500 per Saturday for the Yellow Vests protests.

One CRS Company spends an average of 5 months outside of its department for a job on a wide variety of missions. Some missions are recurrent: Corsica, Basque Country, Calais, Paris, Nice, and static guards missions (important persons). The arrival of a company in a city is done at the request of the prefect. It can be granted or not granted.

Example: A mayor asks the prefect for 5 companies for a music festival, the prefect asks the Minister for 3 and the Minister grants him/her 1. This is how it works – the mayor is afraid, the prefect reassures him/her, and the Minister decides. Some political cronyism can sometimes change the order of things…

A company leaves its cantonment to stem the wrath of the Yellow Vests on a Saturday:

  • If they leave their department for more than 12 hours they receive €40 per CRS (daily allowance for temporary absence);
  • If it exceeds 8 hours of service, it marks overtime until the end of service;

So, service on a Saturday morning at 04:00 until the end of service at 00:00: 12 hours of overtime x €10 per hour = €120 for each CRS.

If they left their department for the event, then it is an extra €40 for each CRS.

One Saturday of Yellow Vests where they left their department: €40 + overtime = €160 for each CRS.

Overtime is paid every 3 months.

Daily allowance for temporary absence = €40 for each CRS.

Overtime: €10 per hour

The €500 of our CRS joker for one Yellow Vests demonstration is a nice dream!!

The CRS companies that are stationed on Saturday for the Yellow Vests demonstrations come from outside departments. Example: a company based in Rennes can find itself on Saturday in Marseille, and the company of Marseille can find itself in Paris.

On the rear doors of each CRS vehicle there is a number that denotes the number of their company and it also has the badge “National Police CRS”. There are 60 law enforcement companies in France, and CRS 61 is the company assigned to the escorts of important persons – in short, all the presidential entourage.

Soon we will publish a list of all CRS companies in France.

The fact that the Yellow Vests movement is so spread out across France makes it very very expensive to put a lot of CRS and Gendarmes in big cities. It is much cheaper to have on the streets this discount police – the creator of this “amorphous grouping” and chaos – rather than a police provided for this purpose.

The maintenance of order in the street is flogged off, the financier is in equilibrium on the scales with the strategic; we observe a clearance sale where everything must go, the Yellow Vests first.

See you soon, Yellow Vests, for new information!!

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