French Senator Claude Malhuret: The Yellow Vests Are “Headless Ducks”

With the approach of the 22nd Saturday of the Yellow Vests mobilisation, Senator Claude Malhuret described the protesters who are still coming out onto the streets as “headless ducks” zigzagging along the boulevards.

Speaking in the Senate in the presence of the Prime Minister, the president of the group “The Independents – Republic and Territories” Claude Malhuret did not mince his words in relation to the Yellow Vests movement.

Nowadays, there are only a few people in the streets on Saturdays left from a movement without aims and without a program, zigzagging along the boulevards like headless ducks, getting drunk on selfies against the background of burning garbage cans repeating ‘We won’t surrender anything’, without anyone knowing what they are holding onto.

The outcry that followed this daring metaphor of the senator was not long in coming. While a video showing the Prime Minister smiling at the senator’s speech was published, most Internet users strongly criticised the politician for his contempt and his insults towards the citizens.

“Nevertheless, it makes a lot of relentless people … We will appreciate the disdain of the reflection, otherwise”

“Another puppet who from the top of his pedestal shows his contempt for the poor”

“This character has no place in our institutions! What insults towards the citizens!”

The metaphor of the senator was nevertheless appreciated by some net surfers (or bots):

“Well summarised. Tired of this minority in yellow who think they can impose on others the way they think and hate those who have successful lives. Tired of communist and extremist rhetoric spread by these people without reflection.”

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