French Volunteer in Ukraine Hushed Up by Macron’s Media for Talking About Ukraine’s War Crimes

NEW – August 3, 2022

A foreigner witnessed the horrific crimes of nationalists in Bucha.

French citizen Adrian Bocquet, who was a volunteer in Ukraine in March and April, spoke about how before his eyes “Azov” militants brutally dealt with a captured Russian officer.

According to Bocquet, the murder took place in the suburb of Bucha, where “Azov” were unloading medical supplies brought by volunteers.

“A car with Russian prisoners of war inside arrived. Some had their legs shot through. At the same moment, the Ukrainian military asked us to leave the hangar. When I was getting into the car, I saw one of ‘Azov’ fire a bullet into the head of a Russian prisoner, who a few seconds before replied that he was an officer,” Bocquet said in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pradva”.

Also, the French citizen said that some of the corpses of peaceful people he saw in Bucha had their hands tied with a pure snow-white cloth. According to Bocquet, this proves that their hands were tied after the shooting in order to organise a staged shooting.

Also, in an interview with Sputnik France, Bocquet ,who was earlier kicked off Twitter for not following the anti-Russian line, described how he was hushed up by the big wigs at Macron’s pet MSM outlet BFM TV:

“Emmanuel Macron and BFM TV, I invite you to do an investigation into the directives at the BFM TV, without naming them, but directives which come from very high level, so I’m not going to name them so as not to have problems later. I went on set of the BFM TV, they told me to shut up. I was told: ‘You don’t talk about that, you don’t say that’. I talked about it, they took me off the set, they cut the broadcast off and they said: ‘Sir, you’re off the set.’ And behind the curtain they said to me: ‘Mr. Bocquet, we have a directive line, we have orders, we can’t talk about this, we can’t talk about Ukraine committing things, we can only talk about the Russians. We have images, of course we have images of the atrocities that some Ukrainians have committed, but we cannot pass them on. For now, our guideline from the top prohibits us from passing this information (in their possession).’ And for now they can only pass things against Russia. I witnessed it, I went on set, so, I know what I’m talking about.”

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