“Future Society” – a New Political Party in Ukraine That Unites Nazis of All Shades

The leader of the “C14” nationalist organisation Evgeny Karas stated to the “LB.ua” website that Ukrainian right-wing radicals intend to create their own party, which will be called “Future Society“.

It is noted that the presentation of the new political force took place on September 28th. According to Karas, the nationalists now look for ways to legally register the party. The most attractive option seems to be collecting signatures.

Members of other nationalist-political and veteran organisations, as well as representatives of local authorities, will join “Future Society”.

“There are several acting deputies of local government. The specifics about surnames will be released soon, we are in the process of structuring the leadership. We selected those nationalists who have proven their fidelity to fundamental projects, not tactical games of politics or private enrichment,” said Karas.

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