G20 Summit: “The Only Superpower” Was Publicly Relegated

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Let’s speak frankly: today “the only superpower” was publicly relegated in a particularly cynical form. “I shook the chimney on your house” in the Chinese manner.

Obama was not provided with a stairway, his staff was scolded, and he didn’t receive ice cream…

Dear comrades!

The things that Bolsheviks were talking about for a long time, happened – the G20 summit in Hangzhou only confirmed all our forecasts and dotted the “i”.

At first, China demonstratively organized a separate welcoming of leaders of Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa (BRICS), which clearly hinted that priorities had been made.

The home page of the website of news agency “Xinhua” hints this


Secondly, the Chinese President Xi Jinping separately met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At this meeting he stated that “Our countries must strengthen all-round cooperation, strengthen mutual political support, mutual support of each other to protect sovereignty.”

Let’s be honest: the only threat to the sovereignty of both Russia and China is US aggression. Economic, informational, diplomatic, and only in the last instance, military. That’s why the statement of the need to strengthen cooperation for the protection of sovereignty means a political-military alliance (or even bloc) against a common enemy. We are not diplomats and are not official persons, that’s why we don’t need to speak Aesopian language and call them “partners.”

In response, Putin gave Xi a box of his favorite ice cream, which made the Chinese President very happy.

In fact, this step is not unexpected, but only consistently continues and complements the previous actions of China:

a) the establishment of cross-currency “ruble-yuan” swaps and joint payment systems without the use of the dollar;

b) Xi’s statement of 1st July, in which he said that any “impudent saxons” (or any other) is not allowed to attempt to threaten China;

c) the emergence in Syria of the military advisers of the PLA etc.

As I already wrote, the shameless pressure on China from Washington pushed Beijing into Moscow’s embrace. And so it happened.


Thirdly, deliberate and carefully planned humiliation of the President of the “only superpower” Obama.

The Chinese from the beginning acted following the principle “as it is useless to explain something, we go straight to insults (my favourite principle when dealing with the hopelessly stupid Maidowns).

They didn’t provide a stairway, didn’t lay the red carpet, forbid American journalists from the accompanying group from working, were rude to employees of the State Department. And it was done by the Chinese, whose diplomatic protocol and etiquette is embedded in their genetic pool already for more than 2000 years. At other times any other President would have turned back and flew away (at the least), would presented a note of protest or even something much more severe, until a Declaration of War. But Obama wiped himself off, and waited for the mess to drip away, and announced that “the summit began constructively, so let’s not pay attention to minor misunderstandings”.

We will speak again directly: “the only superpower” was publicly relegated in a particularly cynical form. “I shook the chimney on your house” in the Chinese manner.

It is the same when a gauntlet was thrown to a knight/nobleman, or when he is challenged to a duel or splashed in the face with mud. The knight would respond, but Obama is not a knight. And he will continue to walk in this state until the end of the summit, leaving a wet trail behind him.

China made a bid for hegemony, announced its official defiance of the “champion”. And the “champion” cowardly pretended that nothing happened. The result will also be a little bit predictable.

When the last US President will try shoot himself in his bunker, just before the end, his brain will be drilled by only one thought: “What is this mysterious ice cream?”

Soviet ice cream.

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