Galaxy of War

NEW – August 26, 2022

The battle in Ukraine will take place in many unpredictable and dangerous phases, in which the old world order will begin to collapse

Galaxies are giant rolls [in the food sense – SZ] of the universe. When an unknown universal force captures in its whirlwind billions of stars, countless suns and planets. Endless arrays of universal matter, energy waves are coiling somewhere into a spiral, and we, observing these spirals flying in space through telescopes, can only guess about the initial conflict that upset the balance of the universe, tore trillions of celestial bodies from their orbits and turned them into a spiral. The galaxies of the Universe are a spiralling conflict of the universe with an end unpredictable for the universe.

Earthly conflicts develop according to the same laws. Starting with a small flash, obeying the will of the person who started the conflict, the conflict expands, develops, captures more and more phenomena into its spheres. It is becoming more and more difficult to manage the conflict, it is more and more difficult to calculate and predetermine its subsequent phases. And finally, it ceases to be controlled, goes out of control and develops on its own, breaks out of the straitjacket, turns into a grandiose chaos of historical phenomena. All former control technologies die off and become meaningless. History breaks out of the captivity of technology, historical creativity begins, as a result of which states perish, kings and rulers disappear, ways and beliefs crumble. Out of the conflict painfully, like a chick from a cracked egg, a new world hatches.

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The Special Military Operation in Ukraine seemed understandable, short-term and manageable. The Russian army enters Ukraine from different ends. Surrounds cities and strategic centres, demonstrates crushing power. Supported by this power, pro-Russian forces come to power. The war in Ukraine ends with the redistribution of territories, the elimination of the most powerful anti-Russian bridgehead built by the West.

That was the very first, short-term phase of the conflict. The second phase was the intention to pincer the huge grouping of Ukrainian troops that had settled in Donbass, cut it off from supply centres and crush it with the whole bulk of ground and aerospace forces. And this second stage of the special military operation turned out to be incomplete.

It gave way to the third. The Ukrainian grouping was divided into a series of cauldrons, and each was destroyed separately. The Ukrainian grouping in Donbass was being eroded, melting away, Ukraine was losing its army and was going to surrender.

But this stage was not completed either. The struggle took on the character of a protracted, positional war with a front stretching for thousands of kilometers. The positional war is accompanied by crushing, unprecedented in cruelty bombardments of Donetsk. Attacks by Ukrainian saboteurs and drones reach Bryansk, Voronezh, Belgorod, Crimea. Ukrainian saboteurs are approaching the Kursk nuclear power plant. In Ukraine itself, the huge Zaporozhye nuclear power plant becomes the target of Ukrainian howitzers. And a dirty bomb, poisoning the whole of Europe with its poisons, turns into a terrible reality. The Crimean bridge was attacked. This bridge is not just a structure. This is Putin’s “Great Style”, a symbol of the new Russian State.

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The Ukrainian drama gives rise to the problem of world hunger. World hunger in the hands of crafty politicians is becoming a tool for managing the world.

The conflict, slowing down its development on the battlefield, rapidly goes beyond it, involving in its spiral many previously dormant phenomena.

The West has declared total economic war on Russia. Deprived it of their markets. Denied technology. It recalled many successful high-tech enterprises from Russia. Fenced off from Russia by an iron curtain of countless prohibitions. And as part of this Iron Curtain, it launched Russophobia.

Suddenly, like locusts, all the Westerners who until recently dictated the political fashion in Russia flew out of Russia, and now in panic migrated to Israel. Fearing mobilisation and military service, many young businessmen, programmers, creators of high technologies retreated. The war on the battlefield was accompanied by a gas war, a war of economic sanctions, ideological and mental attacks, turned into a war of historical meanings and metaphysical categories, approaching a dangerous horizon on which atomic mushrooms are about to appear.

The world has been shaken up. In this shaking of the world, the conflict between America and China began to flare up and intensify. In the ocean near Taiwan, it became crowded with Chinese and American ships.

In Russia, many frozen undertakings came to life and moved from their place. The public sector in the economy is growing sharply. In it, the planned dimension, the desire for new forms of management of industries are more and more clearly observed. The collapse of the liberal idea, finally confirmed by the flight of oligarchs and liberal intellectuals from Russia – this collapse opened up space for patriotic forces that had been in freezers for decades. The state ideology from the liberal one is more and more approaching the historical meanings traditional for Russia. Among these meanings, among the rapid changes in politics, economics and culture, the image of the new State of Russia is becoming more and more distinct.

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