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NEW – October 14, 2022

Where does the money for LGBT propaganda come from?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a recent speech at the signing ceremony of the agreements on the admission of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia, said that the policy of Western elites today, as always, boils down to the complete denial of man, to the overthrow of faith and traditional values, to suppression and exploitation, to enslavement and violence under the flags of “freedom” and “democracy”, acquiring the features of “religion on the contrary” – outright satanism.

One of the main tools of such a policy for more than half a century has been a conglomerate of sexual — or, as it is now called “tolerant”, gender-based-minorities, which in the book [seen below] are already designated by the abbreviation LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). It is not surprising that the promotion of “gender diversity” and “protection of the human right to choose and change gender” have long gone far beyond the freedom of personal sexual behaviour, becoming the cornerstone of the concept of “new normality” and the “Great Reset of Humanity”, announced by satanic Western elites.

Comprehensively exploring the essence, origins and goals of the LGBT movement, which unites adherents of more than one and a half hundred “gender” perversions, Vladimir Maslov comes to the logical conclusion that it, among other things, is a universal and super-effective weapon of “hybrid war”, capable of destroying any state and other human communities. And in this capacity, it has long been a branch of the military industry, where huge investments flow like a river (a separate chapter of the book [seen above] is devoted to this topic) and where the latest technologies, including information technologies, are actively being introduced.

In addition to directly reducing the reproductive potential of the population, the LGBT movement actively contributes to the indirect reduction of such potential: through the spread of infections transmitted through non-traditional sexual contact, changes in the immune status of people, lifestyle (drug addiction, alcoholism), and so on, and in relation to each specific country, the level and nature of pressure from the LGBT movement may vary. In this respect, related movements of “minorities” are used in a complex way: feminists, environmentalists, BLM — in general, it does not matter what colour the cat is, even if it is rainbow, as long as it catches mice, i.e. it makes traditional human communities as weak and controlled from the outside as possible.

This is doubly true for our country, which is now in open conflict with the satanic anti-civilisation of the West, which preaches a “culture of abolition”, violence and lies. Vladimir Maslov’s book [seen above] was written and published before the start of the special military operation in the former Ukraine, but the author’s words are all the more relevant today: “The enemy allocates huge resources to reduce the Russian population… According to the UN forecast, by 2050 the population of Russia will decrease from the current 146 million to 125 million people, and by 2100 — to 84 million.”

But if the goals and means of waging war against us are established, then it becomes clear how to resist this. The state’s emphasis on a large family and traditional values, the liberation of the maximum number of people from the “matrices” of the collective West, including LGBT hegemony – this is exactly what we should see and support in all actions not only of the Russian authorities, but also of any parts and even individual representatives of our society.

“The population is the main resource of the state, if the population is relatively small, has decreased to a critical level or does not meet the challenges of modern times, then there is a high risk of loss of sovereignty, as well as the risk of degradation and death of the state, with the disappearance of the peoples inhabiting it…”

Financing the LGBT movement

The sodomisation of consciousness, politics and, in the end, a separately taken country is impossible without appropriate funding. Similarly, building the LGBT movement on a global scale requires huge amounts of money. In their book on the secrets of gay propaganda, After the Ball, Madsen and Kirk separately point out that funds are needed to brainwash the population through an expensive media campaign. The granddaughter and heiress of German industrialist Robert Bosch (who founded Bosch), Ise Bosch, who founded and heads the LGBT charity Dreilinden, teaches like-minded people in her book how to “turn the power of money into power for many”.

The well-known Stalker Zone video with English subtitles (about the roots of LGBT propaganda) that got removed from YouTube for “hate speech”

Since 1982, a specialised organisation Funders for LGBTQ Issues has been operating in the United States (New York City), which for convenience I will call “LGBT Funders”. Its main work is to raise money for the formation and maintenance of the international LGBT movement (paragraph 4 of the manifesto). Established at the annual conference of the National Network of Grantmakers, the small office has grown significantly and today has a staff of 10 employees and a budget of about $3 million per year, which is constantly growing (2016 – 1.35 million). “LGBT Funders” is a network of 99 charitable foundations, commercial companies, and funding agencies that donate hundreds of millions of dollars annually to issues related to the LGBT movement.

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For your information, collecting alms is a whole science, and LGBT organisations have mastered it perfectly. To train the Russian movement, the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) has translated a special training guide on begging into Russian.

Those who donate money to the LGBT movement are called “givers”, and those who receive funding from LGBT organisations are called “recipients”. Applicants can be divided into two main groups. The first is specialised LGBT foundations, where the founders or heads of organisations are LGBT individuals. The second is conditionally neutral structures. However, it’s necessary to understand that the “neutrals” are engaged in sodomisation, population reduction, and work for the imperialist interests of the United States, the West, and the super-community. That is, it is the same pack of enemies of Russia and other normal states. Perhaps the “neutrals” pose the greatest danger, since they do not clearly express their ideology, but hide behind vague formulations and categories such as “civil society”, “open society”, “prosperity”, “freedom”, “equal opportunities”, “human rights”, “inclusivity”, “combatting corruption”, discrimination”, “development assistance”, “support for democratic values”, etc.

Around the end of the 1990s, Western governments began to allocate money for the LGBT movement from state budgets. There is also financial support from the European Union and other supranational organisations. This situation is a transition to a new stage. Rich gays and project owners no longer have to spend money, but others do it for them — ordinary citizens as taxpayers. The circle closes, and sodomisation takes the form of an institution (institutionalised sodomisation). Countries allocate money for aggression in the international arena (sodomisation of “homophobic regimes”) and for the internal needs of their own LGBT movement. For example, by 2005, at least one in five LGBT organisations received money from the state budget. Today, about half of the total amount of open funding is provided by national governments (excluding the United States). When funds are allocated from the state budget, this is pure parasitism. I don’t think it’s necessary to prove to anyone that the treasury is formed at the expense of normal, heterosexual men and women.

We don’t know how much the US government spent on sodomisation through its instrument of bloody imperialism, the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

I would like to note that LGBT organisations work in two directions. The first and main direction is the sodomisation of society, church, religion and state, or the process of restructuring reality in the interests of the LGBT movement. The second area is support for LGBT+ people. Homosexual and transgender lifestyles lead to many problems that have a devastating impact on the state of the body and spirit: AIDS, STDs and other related problems, costs associated with the transgender transition and its consequences, suicides, mental disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions, prostitution, homelessness, crime, and so on. So, the allocated money is also spent on health care, socialisation and other needs of ordinary homosexuals and trannies, not without corruption and kickbacks, of course.

International and national structures pay for the sodomisation of Russia through information aggression in the media and the Internet, as well as under the guise of “neutral” organisations (the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and its staff — the Center for Independent Sociological Research). However, in the financial reports covering 2013-2018, it is reported that through open channels, the funds officially transferred $12.8 million to Russia, and $8.1 million to Ukraine. 10 largest recipients in the Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia region, 2017-2018, USD million: Russia — 3.4, Georgia – 3, Ukraine – 2.9, Albania – 1.6, Serbia – 0.9, Moldova, Armenia and Kazakhstan — 0.7 each, BiH and North Macedonia – 0.6. Consider the size of the population of countries.

According to reports, one of the largest owners of LGBT organisations is the Arcus Foundation — for 22 years, the foundation has annually transferred tens of millions of dollars to the needs of the LGBT movement. Arcus operates not only in the United States, it is very active in the international arena, and about a third of its contributions to the LGBT movement are intended for non-American organisations such as MALG, “Hivos”, Transgender Europe, Gay-Alliance Ukraine, European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and others. Arcus also operates in Russia, and its Russian budget is replenished by such actions that can be called extortion, for example, the promotion of vodka producer Yury Shefler.

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A separate area of the foundation’s work is the Global Program of World Religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), which supports “religious LGBT activists” (organisations), challenges the “dominance of religious conservatism”, and fights “homophobia and discrimination” based on religious beliefs. In other words, Arcus is engaged in an aggressive campaign aimed at destroying religious ethics and morals in the field of sexual relations, family and marriage (the sodomisation of religion).

As of the beginning of 2020, Arcus issued $224 million in sodomisation grants.

The head of Arcus, John Stryker, works closely with other builders of the LGBT movement, in particular, with Ise Bosch – the Dreilinden foundation (Germany) and Tim Gill (gay, multi-millionaire) – the Gill Foundation (USA). In total, the Gill Foundation spent 348 million on sodomisation. In 2006, Stryker and Gill created a specialised LGBT think tank, the Movement Advancement Project, which receives millions of dollars from them. Arcus does not finance this centre directly, but does so through targeted grants to the Gill Foundation budget. Also among the owners of the centre are the Ford Foundation, the Ameringen Foundation, the Haas Foundation, the Gall Foundation and other American entrepreneurs. John has two sisters, Rhonda and Pat, who do the same thing on a smaller scale.

There is every reason to believe that Stryker, Gall and other sodomisers are directly involved in the development and implementation of the “Yogyakarta Principles”. This document was adopted by a group of “experts” (28) at a conference in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), held on November 6-9, 2006, and published at the session of the UN Human Rights Council on March 26, 2007. For the LGBT movement and activists, these principles are a kind of stopper in any dispute, they are constantly referred to as the sacred text of the sect. The Yogyakarta Principles are the sodomisation of law and law enforcement on a global scale.

Since November 2013, Arcus has acquired a division for Russia – it was named the Russia Freedom Fund (RFF). The reason for the establishment was the law banning propaganda of homosexuality and transgenderism among minors. Along with Arcus, the founders of the Russian foundation were: the Open Society Foundation** and the Council for Global Equality. Soros is already well known in Russia — he is a semi-fanatic, globalist, inveterate liberal, one of the largest sponsors of LGBT organisations, an enemy of Russians and just a scoundrel. As for the Council for Global Equality (which supports LGBT people), it is not an independent organisation, as it is mainly funded by Arcus, the Open Society and the Sigrid Rausing Trust (a major employer that also supports Russian transgender people).

The RFF is physically located in the Arcus office in New York City. There is not a single figure on the website of Arcus and the Open Society about its funding. Although the RFF website reported that at the end of 2016, a total of 54 grants totalling $1.9 million were issued. Information about grantees was not disclosed “due to existing security threats”. Arcus took on all administrative expenses and provided almost half of the RFF budget — $900,000, the other half came from “anonymous donations” — $1.175 million, and a small part of the funds was raised through the T- shirt sales campaign – $88,000. The RFF website is currently unavailable. This is a small example of black and corrupt financing of the Russian LGBT movement tumour.

A curious fact that reveals one “anonymous” donator of the RFF: after the introduction of a ban on propaganda of homosexuality among minors in Russia, gay international launched a large-scale campaign to boycott Russian vodka in the United States and the EU, with the main emphasis on the Stolichnaya trademark. And in order to dissociate himself from the Russian authorities and prove that he is “independent”, the owner of the company that produces this vodka (SPI Group) Yury Shefler allocated $150,000 to the RFF, and another 300,000 went to the “international program for educating gay leaders”. That’s how they easily bend “Russian” businessmen.

Arcus may also be involved in financing the Russian organisation LGBT Ministry (Nuntiare et Recreare, headed by Valery Sozayev), which is part of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, which in turn receives money from Arcus.

Other builders of the LGBT movement should definitely include the international “human rights” movement. All Western “independent” human rights organisations are working on the agenda of LGBT organisations and population reducers, the largest of them are Amnesty International* (Britain) and Human Rights Watch* (USA). As a matter of fact, they were created by representatives of the “super-community” for personal purposes. Both of them keep a sharp eye on any scratch on a Russian gay person, write angry articles, reports and send “recommendations” to officials and politicians of the highest rank. Russian LGBT organisations are trained by their senior comrades to denounce to human rights defenders for any reason and without one.

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Below, I will list all the claims against Russia and also give examples of similar violations in the United States.


1) Arbitrary arrests and excessive use of force by the police against peaceful demonstrators, including children.

2) Russia does not want to take into account the recommendations for changing its legislation in terms of anti-terrorism and extremism, these laws are used to stifle freedom of expression.

3) Russia rejected recommendations to repeal the laws on “foreign agents” and “undesirable organisations”.

4) In Chechnya, Oyub Titiev, a human rights defender from “Memorial“, is being prosecuted on false charges.

5) Disappearances, torture, and brutality against gays, militants, and drug addicts, as well as government critics, are poorly investigated.

6) In Russia, law enforcement officials and jailers use torture.


1) Harassment, ill-treatment and two-day arrest of CIA veteran and opposition leader Ray McGovern (there is a photo of the brutal detention and extensive bruising on the 78-year-old man’s arm). Migrant children are separated from their parents and, after segregation, all of them are thrown into migration centres, the regime of which does not differ from prison. A separate topic is “arrived and shot”, when the police unnecessarily kill several hundred citizens a year. They tried to solve the problem by putting a video camera on the police officer, but all in vain, as they shot and shot — in 2015, the police killed 995 people, in 2016 – 963, in 2017 – 987, in 2018 – 992 people were killed, in 2019 – 1004 (a third of those shot – black people).

2) Does the US follow someone else’s “recommendations” to change sensitive legislation? In the United States, until 2015, the “Patriot Act” was in effect, which allowed for total surveillance. It was replaced with the Freedom Act, but only an American zombie patriot can believe that they are not being followed. The regime also unleashed harassment of opposition journalists.

3) To finally stifle freedom of speech, the Trump regime designated the Rossiya Segodnya (RT) news agency as a foreign agent. The Act on Registration of Foreign Agents has been in force since 1938.

4) In the United States, there is a human rights organisation called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, which draws attention to the occupation of Palestine and the suffering of the indigenous Palestinian population. Its activities are banned in half of the states, and the Zionist lobby wants to introduce a federal ban.

5) The painful problem of insecurity of the remnants of the indigenous population of North America is periodically raised. According to the “Independent”, Indigenous women are much more likely to be killed or raped, and criminal investigations are ignored. Missing women and girls are less likely to be found, and perpetrators are less likely to be punished.

6) The United States is one big torture chamber. As another retired CIA official, John Kiriakou, points out, torture has “become a state policy” for the US government. The CIA was run by a witch who ran a secret torture prison in Thailand and personally supervised the torture. The United States has set up a network of torture facilities around the world and is also occupying parts of Cuba, where it has built the Guantanamo Bay torture facility, where people are held for years without formal charges. Now there are 36 prisoners left in Guantanamo Bay, most of whom have been held for more than 10 years without charge. The prison’s budget is $80 million a year. What sadistic invaders were doing in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq struck the whole normal world.

Key findings:

1. Funding for LGBT organisations remains largely in the shadows, but even open and biased sources say that it is very significant. Apparently, about a billion dollars a year or more is allocated for sodomisation. However, the issue of money is no longer so important, since in many cases the process has passed into the epidemic phase and it is no longer necessary to feed the foci of infection. The budget of the global LGBT movement will continue to grow, and consequently, its political influence will increase.

2. LGBT organisations are supported by four sources of funding. 1) LGBT foundations or those associated with gays and trans people; 2) governments of super-privileged Western countries, mostly allocated money for external aggression; 3) conditionally neutral foundations and NGOs, but engaged in population reduction and working in the interests of Western globalism and bloody imperialism; 4) anonymous donations.

3. The triumph of liberal ideology has greatly contributed to the rise of the global LGBT movement. Liberals gave freedom to gays, and the richest of them began to support their own kind. If to give a clear answer to who is behind the development and implementation of liberalism in politics and among the masses, then much will become understandable.

Vladimir Maslov

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