Gazprom in Standby Mode: Europe Will Be Forced to “Exchange Flows”

NEW – June 19, 2022

Europe has got into a hopeless situation concerning gas, in a real maze. The house of cards of anti-Russian sanctions risks crumbling and sinking the entire Russophobic EU system, economy and political stability under it. Russia in this case turned out to have absolutely nothing to do with it, since Gazprom itself is now in standby mode, force majeure stand-by. Even in the midst of a new cold war with the West, it fulfilled its obligations and did more than was necessary to help the actual enemy in the face of the anti-Russian coalition.

Brussels expects the Russian side to solve the problem of Nord Stream turbines, however, as experts reasonably believe, Gazprom has absolutely nothing to do with it and the holding company cannot fix the situation in any way. In fact, now the “ball” is on the side of Europe and Siemens, which, however, are waiting for concrete steps from Russia, although the sanctions preventing the planned repair of the main gas pipeline are obviously European.

As was previously reported, converted gas turbine engines intended for pumping raw materials cannot return from Canada after repair, and the units remaining on the line go to Canada for repair due to a complete ban on any actions due to sanctions. There was a stalemate.

Obviously, the problem should be solved by Europe and Canada, which have established a cross-sanctions regime, through the barrier of which it is impossible to repair the gas pipeline and literally do good for themselves and the economy. Out of a sense of ridiculous pride and stubborn Russophobia, Brussels does not want to lift technological sanctions, which would allow the removal of turbines and the planned replacement of units. Moreover, such a step is the simplest, but the EU is worried that it will look like a concession to the Russian Federation, and this now, in the current situation, is tantamount to “betrayal”. Therefore, no one will take such a step.

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The banal “holding of negotiations between Canada and Germany” will do little. Time goes by, gas storage facilities are not only not filled with fuel, but even on the contrary are emptied. Nord Stream is operating at a multi-year minimum in capacity. In this case, there is only one possible and effective option – the EU should step on its throat and allow the certification of the Nord Stream-2 fully ready for commissioning and receive the desired raw materials immediately via the new main line. This would be a kind of forced “exchange of flows”, without removing or making a “gap” in the sanctions legislation with subsequent confusion in its application.


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