“Genocide of the Ukrainian People”: In Odessa Photos of the Famine in the Volga Region Were Used as “Holodomor” Propaganda

Ukrainian propagandists in Odessa during the presentation of the book entitled “Holodomor. Revenge for Freedom” used as illustrations photographs from the Russian famine of 1921-22. A photo from the event was published by the local agency “Odessa.online” on November 20th

Students and schoolchildren were shown pictures of the 1931-32 famine in Ukraine, which turned out to be taken in 1921-22 in the Volga region. For example, one of them was taken by American photographer Stephen Shafroth in the Russian city of Buzuluk (Orenburg region).

Radio Svoboda” used another picture to illustrate the famine of 1921-22 in Tatarstan.

Ukrainian patriots call the famine of the 1930s in Ukraine “genocide of the Ukrainian people”, although the famine was also on the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia, which suffered the greatest losses from the catastrophe.

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