Geopolitics 101: Russia’s Actions in Syria Impacts Ukraine’s Conflict

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Really, you do not understand? Or is it profitable for you to pretend that you don’t understand?

Americans by and large don’t care where to fight against Russia and China – in Ukraine, Syria or somewhere in the South China sea. They equally just don’t give a sh*t about anyone.

It doesn’t matter for Americans who dies – the Syrians or Ukrainians. It matters to us.

It doesn’t matter for Americans whose town will be destroyed. It matters to us.

Instead of clucking, there is a need to turn on your brain and to think. In fact, it is just trivial resource management.

Americans have a certain amount of resources (financial, material, human, informational), which they can allocate to create chaos. Let’s call it the budget. This flow of resources/budget has a ceiling. If they could allocate more, they would do. It means that what they provide is the most they can.

Accordingly, this budget is distributed between all points where the Americans poop. Including between Ukraine and Syria.

The more resources they have to spend on Syria, the less is spent on maintaining the Poroshenko regime. This is elementary mathematics. And since Barmaley in Syria  are squeezed not in a childish way for saving ISIS (the banned terrorist organization all over the world), Poroshenko is forced to sit on a starvation diet.

If we relieve the pressure in Syria the flow of support for the Ukrainian Nazis will trickle thicker.

High pressure in Syria allows to keep the conflict in Ukraine as low as possible.

Let’s assume for a moment that Russia has left Syria. Americans would squash Assad into dust (like how before they crushed Gaddafi); would get control over a strategic region; would dictate to the EU the price of natural gas coming from Qatar and other neighbouring countries; would significantly strengthen their positions.

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And at the same time would free up significant resources, which they could transfer to the Ukrainian front.Thus, it would inevitably lead to a significant increase in the tension of the conflict in Donbass and possibly in Crimea too.

And there would be not just several hundred of Barmaley in Ukraine, as now, but tens of thousands. And tens of thousands of tons of weapons that now go to support  the “black” and “green”, would go to Ukraine. And American special forces would fight not in the Kurdish units, but in Nazi punisher battalions.

And in Syria, Russia is acting at the invitation of the legitimate government, while the Americans violate all international norms and laws (which is also a nice bonus and allows us in the UN, periodically, nicely to poke their nose in their sh*t). And in Ukraine it would be formally the opposite. However, dissatisfied “patriots” don’t care about it.

And the Russian Airforce would not bomb the Syrian desert and the deserted areas of Aleppo, but would be forced to strike the infrastructure objects of Ukraine.

Do we need it? Who will restore all of this when it ends?

The Kremlin moved the point of tension as far as possible from our borders, forcing the Americans to spend the maximum of their efforts and resources somewhere in the distance.

And these unsatisfied little fools would like that on our Soviet land, on the land of Ukraine, a high intensity fight involving aviation would occur, that all NATO would participate, that Russia would be presented as a horrible aggressor (today everybody is mocking the mantras of Poroshenko about “aggressor country”, to a half-empty UN hall falls asleep during his speech, and even the Kiev court refuses to acknowledge “Russian aggression” as a legal fact). Thus, so they’d like the number of dead to be numbered not in the thousands, but hundreds of thousands, and the whole of Ukraine lying in ruins. And who’s the enemy of Russia here? And it doesn’t matter if it’s a conscious enemy, or just a fool – it doesn’t affect the result.

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Well in Syria, the ground operation conducted by the Syrians and the Iranians (more recently also a limited Chinese contingent), but who would fight on the ground in Ukraine? But “patriots” do not care about the number of deaths, the principle and “tears of a child” are more important for them, “f*****g moralists.

And today Americans are bogged down in Syria, they have no extra funds to support Poroshenko’s regime (they were barely able to bend the IMF for a pathetic billion, and no one knows what it cost them), they incur financial, diplomatic, and image losses.

And at the same time, in Ukraine the Nazis devour themselves. The day before yesterday, “a veteran of the Anti-Terrorist Operation” inflicted to his wife 70 stab wounds (well how f****d does your head have to be to do this?!), then he blew himself up along with his apartment. Yesterday the “defenders of motherland” and “heroes of the Anti-Terrorist Operation” whacked two trendy policemen in Dnepropetrovsk. Today someone somewhere will kill someone or blow them up. The country is self-cleaning from the Nazis.

What is significant – two years ago the actions of the Nazis gathered thousands of people. And recently barely a few dozens, a pathetic amount, gathered to block the Russian embassy. Half of which were journalists. The Nazis are slowly dying out, in one way or another – and it is a medical fact.

And Russia did exactly what the Ukrainian nationalists dreamt of – maximally removed from their lives. So who is to blame, that it became fatal for them? Fools were warned that it would be like that.

So, you continue as usual to assert that it was necessary to strike Kiev?

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