George Soros Got Close to the 2018 World Cup Through the Yeltsin Center

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Boris Yeltsin and George Soros became close already long ago.

Boris Yeltsin and George Soros. 1993

This tradition is also carried on by the center of Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin.

On June 6th, 2018 on the platform of the Presidential Center of B.N. Yeltsin the 8th Interregional conference “ECOsystem of Volunteering” organised by the analytical center “Ekspert” and the business weekly “Ekspert-Ural”, financed within the framework of the grant “Fund of presidential grants” on the development of civil society took place. Within the framework of the conference the “Fund of presidential grants” held a special seminar for the NGO.


The program of events included:

1. The first panel discussion “Social and corporate volunteering in Russia: prospects of development”;

Moderator: Elena Chernyshkova – the vice-chairman of the council of the European University in St. Petersburg (the president, the chairman of the board of “Sistema” Charity foundation, the chairman of the board of trustees of the European University in St. Petersburg, which are included in the Council of the “Forum of Donors” (we will talk about this below in more detail) and in the Council of the development Fund of St Tikhon’s Orthodox University. It actively participates in the work of public organisations and projects, acts as the expert and moderator at Russian and international expert venues and events concerning the development of education, science, and charity).

Elena Chernyshkova –

Questions for discussion:

1. The year of the volunteer in Russia: advancing and supporting ideas of volunteering;

2. Monitoring the condition of the volunteer movement in the Russian Federation: potential and challenges;

3. The specifics of the formation of volunteering infrastructure in the Russian Federation. The State is the orderer of the development of the volunteer movement (The 2014 Olympic Games, the 2018 World Cup, etc.). How to convert “Olympic” volunteers to social ones;

4. How companies form the purposes, tasks, and strategy of volunteer activity. The motivation for participation in volunteering.


  • Olga Bashkirova – CEO of the “Renova” charity foundation;

  • Natalya Levitskaya – president of the “Sinara” charity foundation;

  • Aleksandr Antimonov – director of the regional public organisation “Volunteer Center of the Sverdlovsk Region”;

  • Anna Soshinskaya, the president of the “Amway – Responsible for the Future” charity foundation;

Anna Soshinskaya –

  • Mariya Pevnaya – manger of the department of sociology and technologies of public and municipal administration of the Ural State University;

  • Anna Bushlyakova – “Philip Morris Sales and Marketing” corporate affairs regional manager;

  • Svetlana Gerasimova – head of the Corporate Social Responsibility School and sustainable development, head of management of short-term programs of the Moscow International Business School MIRBIS.

2. The second panel discussion “Charity in ecological projects”.

Among other speakers there was Irina Efremova-Garth – the head of the corporate citizenship of IBM for Russia and the CIS countries, expert in the field of program evaluation, development, and implementation of monitoring and evaluation in the practice of NGOs, drafting project proposals and reporting, a member of the international network “Program Evaluation” and the American Association of evaluators.

Since 1999 Irina worked in such structures as the “National Democratic Institute for International Affairs” (NDI), “Eurasia Fund”, and the “Law and Justice” Fund. Currently she is a member of the council of the “Forum of Donors” (Moscow).

NDI is recognised as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation (the order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation No. 393-r from 17.03.2016, the decision of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of the Russian Federation No. 4 from 10.03.2016).

And concerning the “Forum of Donors”, as was earlier promised, we will learn more below.

Irina Efremova-Garth, source:

Efremova-Garth graduated from the philosophical faculty of the Ural State University (1995). Then she studied in the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware, Newark, USA (1999). Elena also studied at the Evaluators Institute/George Washington University (Washington, USA, 2006 – 2011).

From 2001 to 2008 Efremova-Garth worked in the “Eurasia Fund”, directed the department of evaluating programs in Moscow, and then in Washington. The operationalisation of the strategy of evaluation of the fund, the formation and advancing of the culture of evaluation in the organisation, and coordinating the efforts of regional offices in the course of carrying out external evaluation belonged to Elena’s duties.

From 2008 to 2014 she worked in the education fund “Meta” – the family fund of Nikolay Tsvetkov – as the head of program management of the fund, being responsible for the development and operationalisation of the program strategy of the fund.

“Transformation is not the same as change. The latter, by definition, is fleeting, the former is continual. Commitment to continuous transformations that induce us to invent Watson defines also that role that IBM plays in society. In the world that is understood best of all as a system of complex systems – economic, social, cultural – we don’t consider that monetary philanthropy or short-term interference have a long-term impact. Instead we seek to create new institutional forms and to participate in the achievement of steady progress”.

Irina Efremova-Garth

Thus Irina Efemova-Garth in a veiled way states that IBM is going to transform our country.

I will note that International Business Machines is one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of hardware and software, and also IT services and consulting services. Besides this, IBM is known for its old communications with the world of intelligence services and secret operations.

Thus, from 1955 to 1960 IBM provided cover for the staff of the CIA in different countries (New York Times; December 27, 1977; Page 40).

Image from Irina Efremova-Garth’s Facebook page –

Let’s pay attention to one more participant of the second panel discussion – the executive director of the “Forum of Donors” Aleksandra Boldyreva.

Aleksandra Boldyreva –

She is absent from the list of speakers announced on the official website of the Yeltsin Center. But she is mentioned in the program of the organiser – the “Ekspert” analytical center.

I am sure that the Yeltsin Center intentionally hid this fact.

“Price Waterhouse Coopers” (PWC) is a partner of the “Forum of Donors”.

Source: templateVar=0ateVar=1&year=2014

PWC is a British auditor office that is used for financial investigation in Russia, which also helped Mikhail Khodorkovsky to realise illegal tax schemes.

By the way, PWC was spotted in the Yeltsin Center: Within the framework of the second panel discussion the handing out of the annual award “At Peak Form” in the nomination category “Friend’s Hand” founded by the Ekspert-Ural magazine in partnership with the auditor and consulting Price Waterhouse Coopers network took place.

Friend’s Hand award, source:

A similar award in 2016 is interesting. Among members of advisory council there were:

Chertok Mariya Mikhailovna – director of “CAF Russia”. This is the Russian branch of the British fund Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) working in Moscow since 1993. Every year CAF Russia carries out about 40 programs. In the 2010/11 financial year (May-April) the grant fund exceeded $ 7.7 million. During the work of CAF Russia more than 300 initiatives in 26 regions of the country were realised.

Matsiborko Maksim Ivanovich – the head of regional development of PWC in Russia, the managing partner of the PWC office in Yekaterinburg;

The signing of a cooperation agreement between the “Roscongress” foundation and the Association of grant-giving organisations “Forum of Donors”. Saint-Petersburg. The Director General of the association of grant-giving organisations “Forum of Donors” Aleksandra Boldyreva (on the right in the foreground) during the signing of a cooperation agreement in the field of advancing philanthropy in Russia and abroad, the organisation of joint events and projects and development of information partnership between the “Recongress” foundation and the Association of grant-giving organisations “Forum of Donors” in the framework of the 22nd St. Petersburg international economic forum. Source:TASS

And now pay attention:

As a part of the founders of the “Forum of Donors”: “John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation” (USA); “Ford Foundation” (USA); “Open Society Institute. Assistance Foundation” (Liechtenstein); “The Vladimir Potanin Foundation”.

The “Assistance Foundation” is recognised as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation (the order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation No. 1777-r of 01.12.2015, the decision of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of the Russian Federation No. 2 from 26.11.2015).

The “Open Society institute” is the organisation founded by George Soros.



That is why the Yeltsin Center preferred not to advertise Aleksandra Boldyreva’s participation in its event – she, in fact, is the structure through which the American funds forbidden in Russia indirectly work!

We learn the following: under the cover of good intentions in the development of the volunteer movement in Russia, American foundations financed by Soros and recognised as undesirable on the territory of our country through layers of foundations continue to penetrate into various spheres of life of Russian society.

The Yeltsin Center once again was used as a platform of such actions. The director of the Yeltsin Center museum Dina Sorokina, who was sent to Russia – probably via the American intelligence agencies – from New York, together with her liberal collective, actively promotes the national interests of the US.

The Ambassador of the US in Russia Jon Huntsman and the director of the Yeltsin Center Dina Sorokina. November 20, 2017. Yeltsin Center. Ekaterinburg

And now the most important thing: the coordination of the volunteer movement is one of key aspects of the successful holding the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The fact that people under Washington’s control take root in this important aspect is already a threat to the security of holding a sporting event.

The Yeltsin Center continues to work against Russia.

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