“Georgian Snipers” Spoke About the Role of Pashinsky in the Maidan Shootings

Former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Pashinsky delivered small arms to the Hotel “Ukraina” and the Conservatoire in the winter of 2014, and personally fired at a crowd of protesters. This was stated by the lawyer Aleksandr Goroshinsky, referring to the testimony of Georgian snipers, reported “Ukrainske Novini” on October 31st.

“Based on the testimony, Pashinsky, along with other persons, personally delivered small arms to the hotel ‘Ukraina’. Pashinsky also brought weapons and ammunition to the Conservatoire. In addition, Pashinsky, according to witnesses, personally fired at a crowd of protesters from the balcony of the Conservatoire on the morning of January 20th. Among others, Vladimir Parasyuk and his father also led the lethal gunfire. Then they were supported by shooters who were in the hotel ‘Ukraina’, which was back then controlled by the leaders of ‘Self-Defense of Maidan’,” said the lawyer.

It follows from the testimony of Georgian mercenaries that it was Pashinsky who gave the command on February 20th 2014 to fire at the employees of “Berkut” and protesters from the building of the Conservatoire.

“He gave commands when to open fire, when to stop, when to leave firing points. In the hotel ‘Ukraina’ these functions were carried out by [Andrey] Parubiy, [Mamuka] Mamulashvili. [Mikhail] Saakashvili repeatedly met with Georgian sniper groups during Maidan,” added Goroshinsky.

Sergey Pashinsky became particularly notorious after the participants of the Maidan in February 2014 (after the shooting) stopped his car, in the trunk of which the protesters found a sniper rifle.

Currently, Pashinsky is in a pre-trial detention center on charges of causing serious bodily harm to Kiev citizen Vyacheslav Khimikus.

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