German Deputy Andreas Maurer to Kiev: Observers from Germany Will Come to the Russian Elections in Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A group of observers from Germany plan to come to Crimea for the Russian presidential elections. This was reported by the German politician, public figure, and faction chairman in the city council of Quakenbrück Andreas Maurer in comment to radio “Sputnik in Crimea” on the topic of the threats made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine aimed at foreign observers who intend to come to Crimea in March, 2018.

On Friday the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasily Bondar said that the international observers who will attend the Russian presidential elections in the Republic of Crimea won’t be able to enter Ukraine any more and will be placed on the sanctions lists.

“I and my party colleagues won’t listen to or take into account what is said by Ukraine. We obey nobody in Ukraine. The statement of the deputy minister Bondar is absurdity. In Crimea a delegation of observers from Germany will be at the presidential elections, and I will be in its structure. We will be happy to arrive, observe, and communicate. It is sure that politicians and public figures from France, Italy, and other countries of Europe will also come to Crimea and will see everything with their own eyes,” said Maurer.

According to the politician, such threats demonstrate the fear of Ukraine that representatives of the countries of the West will come to the peninsula and will be convinced that the region isn’t “occupied territory”, and that people lead a normal life here.

“Ukraine is afraid that we will come to Crimea and then report that all rules of electoral laws were respected, that everything was lawful and transparent, and that Crimeans fully support the current President Vladimir Putin. I think that we will again hear threats from the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Klimkin and from the president Poroshenko aimed at us. But for me this is already a reason: if the Ukrainian minister or the deputy minister says that ‘it is impossible to go’, then it means that it is necessary to go there,” stressed Maurer.

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