German Deputy Andreas Maurer to Ukrainians: You Must Not Allow a Repetition of What We Endured!

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The German deputy Andreas Maurer gave an interview to journalists of the social movementImmortal Regiment of Ukraine”. During the interview he said that “this project is very important for many people in the country, where the authorities are already openly rewriting history”:

“Europeans are actually anxious about the trend that the current Kiev regime is engaged in rewriting history,” said Maurer. “The authorities try to turn war criminals into heroes. This disturbs the public very much. Especially in Germany”.

According to Maurer, the “Immortal Regiment of Ukraine” is a very good idea to show to the world millions of people who were affected by the horrors of fascism:

“What is characteristic: fascism always arises from positive examples. The education of children, their moral compass, and the formation of public opinion all begin. But historically fascism always came to an end with a catastrophe where it was born. The situation with Kiev radicals is very relevant and reached a very serious level long ago. Nobody has had any real control over these radical structures for a long time. And we see more and more that it becomes a threat not only for Ukraine, but also for Europe”.

In this regard, Maurer says that he isn’t surprised by the attacks of the Kiev regime against the participants of the action “An immortal regiment of Ukraine”:

“I know that Kiev always tries to claim that the initiators of the ‘immortal regiment’ and those who take part in it are working for the Russian special services, even though behind the ‘immortal regiment’ there are ordinary people who, having brought along a poster or a photo of their family member, openly demonstrating and saying: ‘Yes, a part of both my family and my ancestors gave their lives so we can be alive!’ Just a few years ago I wasn’t sure that the ‘immortal regiment’ in Berlin, Hamburg, and other cities will be apprehended by the German people as an action in memory of the fact that so many lives were lost – both in the Soviet Union and in Europe. It is always very touching when you see a ‘immortal regiment’ column, where from each portrait the phrase sounds: ‘You must not allow a repetition of what we endured’.”

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