German Deputy Andreas Maurer After Visiting Crimea: I Am Ashamed of German Politicians

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A German politician criticized the position of the leadership of Germany concerning the Russian Crimea…

Judging by the latest report of “Politnavigator”, Crimea has many more friends in the EU than is reported by the western media. The head of the German faction “Die Linke” in the parliament of Quakenbrück Andreas Maurer, who came once again to the “Forum of Friends of Crimea”, which took place in Livadiya, spoke in a similar spirit in an interview to the publication.
It is noteworthy that the German deputy, according to his own words, visited the Russian peninsula for already the seventh time in a year. In turn, Maurer said, addressing Russians: “You have many more friends in Europe, Germany than you can imagine”.

The German parliamentarian paid special attention to the fact that in “Germany should understand” the aspiration of the people for a reunion, like how Germans in the past had to pass through it too. At the same time Maurer reminded that Russians, at the time, gave to Germans the chance to peacefully reunite, hinting at the destruction of the Berlin wall. In this regard, the German said that concerning this matter he criticizes the government of the country.

“When I come to Germany, I often feel ashamed of our politicians,” said Maurer. At the same time he highlighted the fact that after becoming acquainted with the situation in Crimea, it became clear how world organizations can write any reports on the events in Crimea without having ever visited the territory of the Russian peninsula, and without personally learning about what is going on there with the situation.

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