German Media: Europe Ignored the Chauvinistic Savagery of the Ukrainian Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson


European countries lack the courage to recognize the obvious: after Maidan Ukraine didn’t become a democratic state, and radicals and supporters of nationalist movements have serious political weight like before, writes the German Freitag Newspaper.

The author of the material believes that the Europe’s policy towards Kiev put the former in an uncomfortable position. Brussels voluntarily undertook the role of an “absolutely loyal” partner, and it is for this reason that it is necessary to close its eyes to some “characteristics” of the Ukrainian political process, said the author.

Thus, events on Maidan in 2013-14 are perceived in EU countries only as a “democratic revolution” organized against “the corrupt oligarchical power”. However the journalist pays attention to the fact that in Europe it isn’t acceptable to speak about the “chauvinistic, almost fascist savagery” accompanying this revolution in Europe.

Most of all the author is disturbed by the cult of Stepan Bandera, which became a “true icon” for some participants of Maidan. The journalist was surprised at how tolerant Europe ignored the process of formation of a new Ukrainian “national saint”, guilty of the massacres of Poles and Jews in Western Ukraine.

At the same time, according to the journalist, the commitment of Europe to democratic ideals isn’t always obvious. Thus, in his opinion, EU countries forgot that “Viktor Yanukovych became the president of Ukraine as a result of equal, free, and fair elections in 2011, the correctness of which was confirmed by observers from the European Union”.

In addition, by constantly referring to the subject of Crimea, European officials over and over again showed incompetence in historical questions. The author of the article reminds that the referendum of 2014 wasn’t the first in the history of Crimea. In 1994, inhabitants of the peninsula already supported the secession of Ukraine, and then the decision on secession was approved by 78.1% of voters.

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The journalist states: unwillingness “to trust and trust facts” became a peculiar feature of modern Europe. The imaginary “allied” relations between Kiev and Brussels force the Old World to be put up with the aggressive attacks of Kiev, and to turn a deaf ear to the unacceptable rhetoric that comes from the Ukrainian capital, the author concludes.

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