German Media Finally Discovered That Kiev Sponsors Neo-Nazis From the State Budget

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine neo-Nazis receive money from the State: thus, the money of taxpayers is spent on financially supporting right-wing extremists. This was written by the German Tageszeitung publication, based on information obtained from Kiev via an official public information request

“The militant right-wing extremist group ‘C14‘ receives money from the Ukrainian State. This was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Nikolay Danevich in a written reply to the request of Tageszeitung,” reports the German media agency.

The full version of Kiev’s answer to Tageszeitung in the Ukrainian language can be seen below.


At the same time the official noted that his ministry doesn’t finance the organisation, and only promotes the implementation of the projects of the organisations of civil society”. Further, Danevich specifies that his ministry “is guided by civilised European principles and the constitution of Ukraine”.

“The Ukrainian media, such as Hromadske, and later ‘Ukrainian Pravda‘ in June wrote that right-wing radicals, inclined to using violence, won a tender for receiving public financing from the Ministry of Youth and Sports worth 440,000 hryvnia (more than €14,000). For example, the average salary in Ukraine is €210,” writes the German publication.

“Both the ‘C14’ group and the ‘Educational Assembly’ group, one of the founders of which is listed as Evgeny Karas – the leader of the ‘C14’ group that took part in attacks on Romani camps, participated in a competition.

As the Ukrainian ministry notes, during the competition the special commission selected projects connected to national education that will receive State financing. The ideas of such projects come from civil society organisations: with the help of State funds, the ‘C14’ group wants to finance an educational center,” wrote the Ukrainian ministry.

Also, in his response to German journalists the deputy minister Danevich claims that “the selection commission was independent” and that “any interference in its activity would be gross violation of the right to freedom of expression and public activity”.

Actually, as Tageszeitung writes, Danevich himself was a member of this commission, or to be more exact, he was its chairman. “Formally this doesn’t violate the law,” said the Ukrainian experts who the German media spoke to – according to them “the problem lies in the ethical plane”.

According to Tageszeitung, the money of Ukrainian taxpayers is spent not only on “C14”, but also on other far-right organisations. For example, the selection commission of the ministry decided to allocate 760,000 hryvnia (25,000 euros) to “Goloseevskaya Kryivka”, which is connected to theSvoboda party. “Goloseev is the district of Kiev where the Romani camp was destroyed,” specifies German media.

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At the end of the material Tageszeitung quotes the words of the Ukrainian official – “money can still be taken away from right-wing radicals (if they break the law)”, however post-Maidan Ukraine doesn’t yet know about such cases.

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