German Political Scientist Alexander Rahr Comments on the Ukrainian Prime Minister’s Visit to a Nazi Rock Concert

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Aleksey Goncharuk was seen at a concert where the neo-Nazi group “Sokyra Peruna” performed. The concert was organised by Andrey Medvedko, who investigators suspect of being involved in the murder of the writer Oles Buzina. The German political scientist Alexander Rahr told the “” agency how the behaviour of such politicians is perceived in Germany.

Alexander, could the Chancellor or Prime Minister of a democratic state in Germany and in the EU come to the concert of a neo-Nazi group like “Sokyra Peruna” where there is a swastika on stage, where the audience sieg heil, and address them by saying: my government works for you, and so on? If it happened what would the consequences be?

“Very negative. It just can’t be imagined. We have no symbols of Nazism and nationalism is forbidden. Even when football players who do unintentionally ‘like’ dubious social network pages, even if it seldom happens, the press immediately takes up arms against them.

In Germany the media is like an inquisition: it makes sure that such things simply do not happen.”

And if it happened, such an official could expect to be fired?

“If a German politician goes to any fascist event where the swastika or any other Nazi symbols are on show, then he would thus sign his own sentence. A sentence like suicide.”

Would he not be able to pursue a political career in Germany?

“No, of course. All of this is prohibited in Germany by the law, and Germans understand what they did during World War II and what happened back then. It is difficult to imagine all of this in Germany.”

Would there be, in your opinion, any reaction from representatives of the Western establishment concerning such behaviour of the Ukrainian Prime Minister?

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“You know, since I personally did not know this, you just told me about it, 99% of German citizens do not know anything about it. In Germany if something is not spoken about by the press, then it doesn’t exist. If this visit to a concert by a Prime Minister took place, then nobody in Germany learns about it. Therefore no reaction will exist.”

Today, on October 14th, Ukraine celebrates the holiday of the Intercession of the Theotokos, and Ukrainian nationalists — Day of the creation of UPA, which in 1943 killed about 100,000 Poles in Volyn. On this occasion, right-wing radicals will organise a procession. In Germany torchlight processions of neo-Nazis and righ-wing radicals are possible?

“We have right-wing radicals, they organise processions too. This happens especially in East Germany, but there are no Nazi symbols. It is forbidden. The police would immediately stop it.

In the Baltics there are such processions. Europe closes its eyes because it considers that the Baltic countries have to go along their own path towards democracy, towards a correct understanding of history.

But all this isn’t helped by the decision that was made under the pressure of Romanians, Poles, Ukrainians, and others in the European Parliament, where communism was put on the same negative pedestal as Nazism. As if Stalin is equally guilty of unleashing World War II as Hitler is. Eastern European countries achieved that the history was rewritten here, in the West.

Here history is used as a weapon, and it is a quite dangerous trend that will lead to further disagreement and misunderstanding of different historical narratives. These are very serious things.”

Aleksandr Chalenko

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