German Politician Andreas Maurer: Kiev Threatened to Find and Punish Donbass Residents Who Participate in Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The head of the Quakenbrück City Council (Germany) Andreas Maurer was struck by the reaction of veterans of the Great Patriotic War during the elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic, and in this connection apologised for the past on behalf of his country, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

Maurer emphasised that elections in the DPR corresponded not only to the legislation of the republic, but also to international standards.

“I was very much touched today by something first of all as person, and not as an [election – ed] observer. At these polling precincts there were elderly people who experienced the rage of war, and not only this one [Donbass – ed], but also World War II. They approached us, Germans, and with tears in their eyes said: ‘We want to live in peace, this is our choice and our decision!’. For me as for a person and a representative of Germany this was difficult, because my country and France were involved in the coup d’etat in Kiev,” said Maurer.

He considers that Germany in many respects bears responsibility for all events in Donbass, and he intends to raise this question in the government.

“The leaders of our country are obliged to answer the people of the LPR and DPR for what is happening here,” stated Maurer.

He also said that the elections in the republics of Donbass indeed were marked by a high turnout, confirming the opposite to what the Ukrainian and western media claim – they lie.

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Maurer emphasised that if today some TV channels show material where the people who in large quantities came to elections are not shown, then “it will be disgusting with respect to the people of the DPR”.

“Then it is fake, and it is necessary to treat them in the same way Trump treats the BBC and CNN. They can speak from their point of view, even if it is negative, but they have to show the truth, and the truth is there are queues at polling precincts. Whoever will today show that allegedly there was no turnout or that people were forced – this will be a scandal!” said Maurer.

He criticised the authorities of Ukraine, which placed posters on the border with the LDPR containing threats aimed at those who intended to take part in the elections.

“And this is what the government in Kiev does, threatening people only because they take part in elections. Such posters were placed at border check-points in Stanitsa Luganskaya. People gave me this proof during our work,” commented the deputy.

[The posters state the following: “SBU warns: participation in elections in the temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine is state treason. Elect wisely. Caring about the state = ✅, participation in fake elections – ❌. We will identify everyone”]

The German parliamentarian urged the world press to ask Kiev on what basis the Ukrainian authorities threaten the residents of Donbass. Maurer said that he with interest waits for the material that will be prepared by German journalists.

“They could freely move around sites and talk to people, they had translators. I wait today to see how in the latest news of Germany this material will be presented. It’s already a fact that today ZDF was in Donetsk and AfD was in Lugansk. More and more journalists start to go and ask specific questions,” he noted.

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