German Public Figure Marco Leo Samm: The West Must Know What Is Happening in the LPR

The public figure from Germany Marco Leo Samm will spoke in his homeland about the celebration of the Day of the Republic in the LPR [May 12th – ed].

“I visited your Republic for the first time in November last year, when I was an international observer for the elections of the head of LPR and deputies of the National Council. And then I was struck by the discrepancy between reality and the information that is in the western media about Donbass. I did not realise that here you are so free. And I wanted to come here again,” he noted.

Marco Leo added that “today in the Republic is a big holiday that is very important for people”.

And I am very glad that I became a participant of this holiday. I will talk about it back in Germany. People in the West must know what is happening here!

“I congratulate you on Day of the Republic. I wish that peace finally comes to your life! I sincerely wish this for you,” he said while addressing the residents of the LPR.

The head of LPR established by a decree the Day of the Lugansk People’s Republic, which is celebrated on May 12th, as a public holiday. The Day of the Republic is festive and a day off work.

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