German Writer Eugen Drewermann: “If Only We Had Listened to the Russians…”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Here is a fragment of an extremely interesting interview of the German journalist and researcher Ken Jebsen with the German theologian, writer, and psychoanalyst Eugen Drewermann.

A translation of the key theses:

Ken: “Could you explain to our listeners why it is so difficult nowadays for peace-loving and the peace movement to stand at the forefront? Why do the war drums again rattle? After all, if we look at Europe, we will see that NATO obviously saddled up the topic of war. Everyone forgot that the nuclear weapon at the American “Rammstein” air base completely contradicts our constitution and that it’s not Russia that is the enemy of Europe, but the European countries of NATO led by the US that threatened Moscow for all these years. So who perverts the truth?”

The original in German:

Drewermann: “According to my observations, only two things act as the main reasons for this. The first one is the total failure in the test of independence and the judiciousness of the Western people since 1989. Back then, after the dismantlement of the Eastern bloc we had an improbable situation and chance: the Russians for the third time (after the INF and START treaties) suggested us to carry out disarmament. They said that they are ready to dismiss the Warsaw pact if we dismiss NATO, and that then the East won’t threaten the West, and visa versa. I.e., the Russians, in essence, suggested to demilitarise the territory from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, and we should’ve done this! I say that Russians suggested to listen to them ‘for the third time’, because Stalin in 1952 in his diplomatic note wanted to avoid an arms race in Western Germany. But he was ignored. Then in 1956 there was the Rapacki Plan, proposed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, it was also a similar orientation – military neutrality. But at that moment there were Americans in Germany, and they, as permanent occupational troops, boycotted this process. By the way, the US’ occupation continues also today, and the army of America is located exactly in these same places that it was by the end of World War II.

Well, and then, from 1989 the Americans started once again brainwashing Europe. To feed it with lies. This time saying that although the USSR offers a peaceful hand, we all the same need soldiers, and this time not for war, but to frighten off a potential enemy. I.e., not to allow war to start. Just think about how ridiculous this sounds! After all, the enemy, seeing an accumulation of forces near its border, will also be obliged to increase its own forces, but we were fed with this very skilfully, and this nonsense still remains in many people to this very day! The Americans said: these soldiers are not for war, but they will be trained to launch nuclear weapons and for chemical and bacteriological attacks, they will be equipped with the most horrifying weapons, but this doesn’t threaten Russians. This is only for scaring away. And after this, when the Russians were tired of tolerating it, the West also pointed to Russia. ‘So now you see,’ they said. ‘We said all along that this is the aggressor’. And the fact that professional executioners on our side all this time were sharpening their knives, and that the Russians were waiting for decades and didn’t react to this in any way, was immediately obfuscated.

At the same time, it is absolutely obvious that such things and such tools can be created only when you have serious aggressive intentions.

Moreover, after all, it was stated to Russians that NATO won’t move even a centimetre to the East, and what was the result?

As a result, in the 90’s the Americans installed their puppet in Russia – Yeltsin, and it was already possible not to reckon with him and NATO continued to expand. And the Germans were dragged into this step by step. In Somalia the Bundeswehr simply established tents, German participation in Iraq was already stronger. And our army participated in Kosovo in general. The Americans wanted to increase NATO’s influence in the Balkans, and we, as puppets, helped them with this. NATO staged in the media news about ethnic cleansing in one of the cities, which, as was later found out, was fake, but it is precisely on the basis of this invented story that NATO destroyed this country. And who was the first who recognised the independence of its splinter – Croatia? It was Germany…

Afterwards the US recycled this trick many times. The media under its control created the correct pictures – torture, suffering, and hysterics, and made a background that would justify the invasion of their forces. In Kuwait, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, and so on … By the way, in Kuwait there was a apotheosis of all of this. Just think about it: the US armed the army of Hussein – their puppet in Iraq, then he entered Kuwait. The Americans, having understood that his army becomes too strong, collected a coalition and under an invented pretext – that Hussein’s soldiers allegedly killed babies there and refuse to leave this country (although both the first and second things turned out to be staged), and then NATO forces bombed this country for two months. 200,000 people died so that the balance of the American interests was restored.

If you look at today’s role of the media, it didn’t change. Everything is done in exactly the same way, only this time against Moscow. If to speak about the real view of all of this from Russia, it is necessary to listen to how Putin spoke at the Munich Security Conference in 2007. Back then he said that Russia soon will start talking to the West in a new way about the equality of all people and nations, that the time when other countries are occupied by the US will end, and that the future of the world can be peaceful, and he even proposed a way to achieve this. To unite Eurasia – from Lisbon to Vladivostok. As an economic union and a union of common security. But this, as you understand, is a nightmare for the Americans, since then they have done everything to impede Russia.

It is exactly what Russia proposed and what would’ve been favorable to every EU country that scared the US to hell. They boycotted it, having consciously created events in Ukraine, pushed NATO to the East, cultivated and used russophobia in the Balkans and the Baltics, cut off Moscow from the West European capitals in every possible way, and support war in Syria.

Yes, Putin outplayed them. The Russian-speaking Crimea returned to Russia via a vote, Donbass stood its ground, and Assad also stood his ground. After all, for comparison, in Yugoslavia NATO in general didn’t ask for the opinion of the people – western jets simply dropped bombs, saying that it was being done for the benefit of the people.

But you ponder upon this impudence, what degree of cynicism and impunity the US reached in 2014 if they thought that they can so easily create a base in the most ancient Russian zone of control – Sevastopol, and that it is possible to so easily declare: ‘we want peace and that’s why we deploy missiles in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania …’

Of course the patience of Russia ran out and it responded. And I am sure that in the future its answer will be more rigid and more powerful.

But after all, now you understand that everything would be different if only we had listened to the Russians…”

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